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Horizon Forbidden West: Thirst for the Hunt guide

Here's how to complete Thirst for the Hunt quest.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 9:24 pm
Thirst for the hunt

Thirst for the Hunt is a side quest in Horizon Forbidden West that lets you earn a Tenakth Vanquisher. The quest begins when Drakka tells you that he wants to obtain machine parts that can be traded for water. His village wants to trade resources with the clan’s capital and without Aloy’s help, the villagers may die of thirst. In addition to the Tenakth Vanquisher, the quest also gives you 5,670 XP and two skill points.

How to Complete Thirst for the Hunt in Horizon Forbidden West

To start the quest, you have to head to Arrowhand and meet Drakka at the Outpost. He will lead you to the next objective where you have to kill some machines and gather four machine hearts. Once you are done gathering the resources, head back to the starting area and climb up the wall, where you will spot a corpse.

Follow Drakka once more and fight the Burrowers that are blocking your path. Once you clear out the burrowers, you will need to fight a Thunderjaw. The easiest way to take down a Thunderjaw is to take off the disc launchers on its back. Use your Focus to locate the disc launchers if you have a hard time spotting them during fights.

Once you take down the Thunderjaw, loot it and gather its heart. Take the heart and head back to Drakka who is a short walk away. After talking to Drakka, go back to Arrowhand and give the hearts you gathered during the quest to Jetakka.

The quest will automatically end and you will get access to the next quest in the series which is “The Wound in the Sand”. Players will get a new waypoint marker if they want to continue the storyline from where Thirst for the Hunt ends.

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