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Horizon Forbidden West Top 10 Skills

Horizon Forbidden West sees the return of Aloy but which are the best skills you should be concentrating on building out first?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022 3:45 pm
Horizon Forbidden West Top 10 Skills

Horizon Forbidden West sees the return of Aloy and the vast beautiful world of a post-apocalyptic yet overgrown United States. As Aloy makes her way to the Forbidden West, she continues to face off against the formidable and deadly machines that roam those lands. To aid her in her battle for survival, Aloy has access to a variety of skills. Each of these skills branches off into a tree, one that revolves around different playstyles. You can choose skills from:

  • Warrior
  • Trapper
  • Hunter
  • Survivor
  • Infiltrator
  • Machine Master

Players can unlock more skills as they level up, but considering there’s nearly 30 available skills for each branch, players might not know which skills are worth it. Well, we’ll help narrow down the choice, by going through the top 10 best skills in Horizon Forbidden West.

Best Skills in Horizon Forbidden West

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Valor Surges

Okay, the Valor Surge isn’t technically in the skill tree but Valor Surges are incredibly useful. Being able to enhance your combat abilities, you can easily get a Valor Surge by simply landing spear hits. Although each Valor Surge has a different style of play, it’s a matter of finding which one fits you the best.

Weapon Techniques

The Weapon Techniques are a skill that grants you new abilities for your weapons. Being able to notch one more arrow for your Hunter Bow or using a weapon like a machine gun and reigning fire can turn any battle in your favor. There are different weapon techniques for different weapons, so get the one for your favorite weapon!

Deep Concentration

In the Hunter Skill tree, you’ll get Deep Concentration. This will slow how fast your Concentration bar depletes when using it, meaning you can prepare and hit shots on human enemies or target specific spots on Machines more accurately.

Medicine Capacity

One of the earlier skills you can get, it is essential. Boosting the amount of Medicinal Berries you can carry. And in a game where you might be taking a fair bit of damage, any form of healing is necessary.

Silent Strike Gain

If you’re a stealth player, this is a must-have. Boosting your Valor gain when you perform a stealth attack, it’ll also recover your weapon stamina. So if you’re a stealth player who needs to be wary of your resources, this is a vital addition to your playstyle.

Resonator Buildup

You’ll find this one in the Warrior Skill tree. Allowing you to energize your spear faster, you can build up powerful attacks that can rip off any enemy armor, leaving you the perfect opportunity to shred through the rest of him.

Ammo Expert

Resource management is a skill we all need. So having a nice useful skill like this, that’ll help you craft more ammo will help you no matter the playstyle you use. Only downside? It’s quite far down on the Hunter Skill tree, so if you’re a Hunter player, it’ll have some nice synergy. Otherwise, you might need to spec into a class you aren’t too keen on.

Block Breaker

This skill allows you to break a human’s guard and therefore get the upper hand. This helps improve melee and up-close combat and get you out of a tough situation.

Silent Strike+

Similar to the Block Breaker, this is a skill that’ll help your stealth takedown damage. So going against tougher humans or machines becomes a whole lot easier.

There you have it, our pick for the best skills in Horizon Forbidden West!

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