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Horizon Forbidden West: Totems Guide God of War

A complete guide on the hard-to-find war totems in Horizon Forbidden West.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022 1:29 pm
Horizon Forbidden West: Totems Guide God of War

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Horizon Forbidden West spots three hidden totems that are a reference to Sony’s God of War and God of War: Ragnarok. These totems aren’t linked to a quest and can be difficult to find. The totem of war depicts Kratos, the totem of youth depicts Atreus and the totems of brotherhood depict Brok and Sindri

Where to Find all Totems in Horizon Forbidden West? 

Here’s how to find all three totems in Horizon Forbidden West

Totem of War

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

The first totem is located east of the Greenhouse, near a Sunwing site. Look for a nearby tree with an ax stuck in it. Using Focus (R3), uncover a mountain trail, and follow the path up the cliff. Make sure you hide from both Sunwings and Stalkers to avoid a fight, and you’ll reach a wooden lodge. You might be attacked by a Stalker here, depending on how careful you were. To the left of this lodge is a small shed where you’ll find the Totem of War.

Totem of Youth

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

The second Totem is located on the Isle of Spires. If you don’t know where that is, it’s in the far west on the map. Travel to Stormbird Site, and look for a school bus wreck. Once you’ve found the school bus, use a grapple point to climb up to the platform. At the top lies the Totem of Youth.

Totems of Brotherhood

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

The third totem is not one, but a set of Totems of Brotherhood. They’re located in No Man’s Land, at the very southwest end. Travel to the large lake in the southern region. You’ll immediately need to defeat a Widemaw equipped with a hammer. After a short cutscene, use Focus (R3) to find a trail and follow it. The trail leads you right to the Totems of Brotherhood set
As a reward for collecting all totems, the player receives the Mark of War Face Paint. You’ll need to head to a Tenakth settlement and pay 10 shards to a painter to get it done on Aloy.

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