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Will Horizon Forbidden West be on Xbox Game Pass

The impossible dream will quite possibly remain just that, unless of course Microsoft buys Sony, or everybody just becomes friends

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 12:15 pm
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It’s tempting to just leave it there but our overlords at Google would never allow you to see this page as it doesn’t fit in with the allotted algorithm that you don’t even realize chooses what you are allowed to read. So we are forced to flesh it out with extra words that you don’t need to see. Still, as we are here, let’s have a look at the possibilities, no matter how slim.

Is Horizon Forbidden West be on Xbox Game Pass?

Currys PS5 Restock Horizon Forbidden West

It really won’t, not in the current world. Horizon Forbidden West is a huge PlayStation exclusive. Maybe it may one day pop up as a PC version, that seems to be a possibility more and more these days, but unless Microsoft purchases Sony (hey, we don’t rule anything out here) it is highly unlikely we will ever see this game grace an Xbox which is a shame as it limits the player base’s potential.

After the recent Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard it is more important than ever for Sony to hold on to some of its big brand IPS, of which Aloy and Horizon are definitely up there. The strong female protagonist is also important and is a big draw for female players in this day and age. There is no way it is going to turn up on Game Pass without a seismic shift in the force where the console wars are concerned.

Things move quickly in this industry though and who knows where the land will lie in the next decade. We might well have people on Mars by then, so it would be nice to live in a world where anybody could play the best games, regardless of what console they have in the corner of the room.

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