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How Long Will Warzone Be Down For?

What's happening to Warzone?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022 11:07 am
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Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 is finally coming out! It’s been quite a while since the original game launched, but it’s being superseded by a version with a brand-new map. Though, the original Warzone isn’t completely disappearing. It is however going down for a while, causing the question to be asked: How Long Will Warzone Be Down For?

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We take a look at this, and exactly what is happening to the original Warzone when the servers go down.

How Long Will Warzone Be Down For – Answered

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Call Of Duty Warzone will be down from November 16th until November 28th. That’s a grand total of twelve days, which is quite a long time for fans of the game that just want to jump into a game with their friends.

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That being said, players will still have the option to play a version of Warzone in the form of Warzone 2.0, which launches as the original Call Of Duty Warzone goes down. It’ll have a brand new map, but it’ll basically be the Warzone you know and remember.

What Will Happen To Warzone?

The original Call Of Duty Warzone isn’t dying, it’s being rebranded. The game will become Call Of Duty Warzone Caldera, and will still allow players to take part in games on that specific map.

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It’s a far cry from what Activision-Blizzard did to Overwatch 1, which was completely shut down and is now completely unable to be played in any form, so it’s nice to see them learning from their mistakes. Obviously, it’s currently a complete unknown as to how long the original Warzone will stay up, and if it’ll be up indefinitely, but for now fans of that original game are safe.

Warzone FAQS

Is Warzone Dying?

No, Warzone is just shutting down for twelve days. It’ll be back online after that, rebranded as Warzone Caldera.

Is Warzone 2 Replacing Warzone?

In a way, yes. Warzone Caldera will be a legacy version of Warzone, but a lot of players will migrate to the new map.

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