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How many endings are in Security Breach?

FNAF Security Breach is the latest Freddy game, and here are all the endings you can get in-game!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022 2:08 pm
Fnaf Security Breach

It’s a bit hard to believe that the FNAF series is as successful as it is, considering just how many instalments it has in its franchise. We started as a simple point-and-click style horror game, now the latest instalment is one of the more advanced in the series. Featuring a a new and welcome shift in playstyle as well as additions to the ever-growing lore. And even though mister Cawthon didn’t have as much of a direct tie into Security Breach as his other games, that’s not to say there’s not still Cawthon-level secrets and mysteries.

You may not be surprised, as with all the games, since the first FNAF, that there will be multiple endings. Good, bad, neutral or just more story-deep. But as with all the FNAF games, there is one ending among them all that’s the ‘cannon’ one and that other games or spin-offs will take as the official ending to Security Breach.

It should go without saying but SPOILERS AHEAD! We’ll keep things simple, to avoid too much detail so you can experience it for yourself but if you want an in-depth explanation of the endings, you can check them out here.

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Worst Ending – Orphan Gregory

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The worst ending is also the most likely one you’ll get. It’s the most common to get, as you’ll get this ending by choosing to Leave the Pizzaplex at 6:00AM leaving Freddy behind. Nothing changes at the Pizzaplex and eventually Vanny finds Gregory.

Neutral Ending – Gregory and Freddy escape

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This ending happens if players choose to leave through the Loading Docks, at which point Freddy and Gregory will escape the pizzaplex in a van together. Although our two heroes do escape alive, this doesn’t fix what’s happening at the Pizzaplex, and inevitably will have history repeat itself.

Neutral Ending – The Emergency Exit

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In this ending, Freddy sets the Pizzaplex on fire, wishing to burn it down and end all the torment it caused. But Vanny tries to take Gregory in the process, leading to Freddy lunging at her as the two fall from the roof of the building. Both supposedly dying in the process, I only say supposedly as later we see Vanessa’s ghost atop the building, implying she – like many other FNAF characters – is now trapped in the complex even after death.

Neutral Ending – Destroying Vanny

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This is a more gruesome ending, and although it does defeat the big antagonist, Gregory loses Freddy and witnesses a pretty horrible death. When players get to the Loading Docks and choose the Vanny option, they’ll head to Vanny’s lair to confront her. At which point the Security bots will start to attack and pull Freddy apart. So Gregory has to go alone through the darkened Pizzaplex and once they make it to the desk, Gregory can order the Security Bots to disassemble Vanny, pulling her apart.

Good Ending – Beating the Princess Mini-Quest Game

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If players completed the first two Princess Quest games, they can then do the final arcade game inside Vanny’s Lair. When you then get to the Loading Docks, you’ll need to choose the Vanny option, but instead of getting to the security room and turning the security bots on her, you can complete the last Princess Quest game which will free Vanessa from Vanny’s influence.

Once the game isdone, you’ll see the security bots deactivate. Vanny’s mask and bowtie lay on the the ground and Gregory manages to salvage Freddy’s head before he and Vanessa escape all together.

Canon Ending – Stopping Burntrap

This ending sees the return of Springtrap, once again. Although now he’s been renamed Burntrap. Where the ghost of William Afton, possessing the mangled body of the Bonnie suit will start to manipulate Freddy. This leads to a boss fight that once completed Freddy and Gregory escape the burning Pizzaplex and sit together on a grassy hilltop overlooking the sunrise.

There you have it, all the endings! In the meantime, why not check out my FNAF Security Breach review?

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