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How many people play Apex Legends?

Ever wondered just how many players flock to play Apex Legends?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022 2:00 pm
How many people play Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends is one of the most popular free to play battle royale games. And obviously because it is free, it’s worth wondering just how many people play Apex Legends? Well considering Apex Legends is on pretty much most consoles and platforms, there’s a large number of players it’s available to.

Benchmark Apex Legends

Initially released in 2019, the player base has only grown with each month. The game remains a popular and liked game, amassing more and more players each day.

Apex Legends Players

However, we have an accurate number of players from its release til now this new year. There’s an average drop rate but the daily max consistently rises throughout the months. Suffice to say, it seems the daily average is around 12 million! But that number’s only likely to increase more and more in the next few months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersMonthly Gain / LossMonthly Gain / Loss %Max Daily Players
Last 30 Days121,046,650-709,240-0.5812,104,665
December 30, 2021121,755,890-894,330-0.7312,175,589
November 30 2021122,650,2203,063,2042.5612,265,022
October 30, 2021119,587,0166,020,9725.3011,958,702
September 30, 2021113,566,044-1,334,502-1.1611,356,604
August 30, 2021114,900,546-1,164,975-1.0011,490,055
July 30, 2021116,065,521405,3740.3511,606,552
June 30, 2021115,660,147-1,941,999-1.6511,566,015
May 30, 2021117,602,1468,051,9997.3511,760,215
April 30, 2021109,550,1478,217,6468.1110,955,015
March 30, 2021101,332,5011,111,0931.1110,133,250
February 20, 2021100,221,4082,766,8032.8410,022,141
January 30, 202197,454,6053,757,0864.019,745,461
December 30, 202093,697,5191,837,2072.009,369,752
November 30, 202091,860,312918,2501.019,186,031
October 30, 202090,942,0623,506,0144.019,094,206
September 30, 202087,436,0487,597,2889.528,743,605
August 30, 202079,838,760-5,086,680-5.997,983,876
July 30, 202084,925,440-2,617,060-2.998,492,544
June 30, 202087,542,500-6,547,500-6.968,754,250
May 30, 202094,090,00090,0000.109,409,000
May 30, 202094,000,0003,750,0004.169,400,000
April 30, 202090,250,0004,512,5005.269,025,000
March 30, 202085,737,5007,680,2759.848,573,750
February 20, 202078,057,2257,016,7579.887,805,723
January 30, 202071,040,46815,250,53527.347,104,047

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