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How Much Space Does Honkai Star Rail Take

Updated: May 3, 2023 2:13 am
How Much Space Does Honkai Star Rail Take

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With Honkai Star Rail fully released, many are looking forward to being able to jump right into the action and begin playing. But before you can even think about playing Honkai Star Rail, you gotta install the game first, which is going to require you to have the space for it. But how much space will it take up, let’s go over that now.

Honkai Star Rail How Many gb?

Since Honkai is available on both PC and Mobile, the game has two different download sizes depending on which platform you are on. On PC, Honaki will take up just under 11gb to download and take up 13gb when fully installed.

As for the mobile version, the size requirements are a bit lower, only needing 7gb of space to fully install. This seems to come from the compression of most textures as phones don’t need to display as crips graphics as PCs do.

While the size of both versions of the game is quite small, it will only grow with time. Each time the game updates the file size will naturally grow just a bit. So keeping in mind when the next update day for Honkai Star Rail is can help you make sure you always have the free space for it.

You can always make Honkai Star Rail look even better if you happen to play it on some of the best gaming laptops for the game, but due to it being a mobile game, you don’t need a top-of-the-line machine to run it.

How Long Will It Take Honkai Star Rail To Download?

The download speed of any game is highly dependent on your internet speed. But the small size of Honkai Star Rail means that even on slow internet connections it won’t take long to download. It is still big enough that you should make sure you are not using your phone’s data to download the game, as most WiFi connections should be able to handle it.

That has always been the draw of playing mobile games on PC since they have been getting much more interactive without the insane graphical requirements. Even leading to some gamers playing them as much as triple-A releases. With Honkai Star Rail being the newer release, many are curious if Honkai is better than Genshin Impact as their main game to play.

As you are diving into Honkai Star Rail, you should have a look at the full achievement list in order to earn some free currency just for playing. That way you can avoid spending money on Star Rail for as long as possible.

How large is Honkai Star Rail on PC?

Honaki Star Rail will need around 11gb of space on your PC to download and a total of 13gb will be taken up once it finishes installing.

How large is Honkai Star Rail on mobile?

The mobile version of Honkai Star Rail will only take up 7gb of space to download and fully install.

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