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How to buy a House in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 

Updated: May 17, 2023 1:54 am

The Breath of the Wild sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, will feature various main quests with you traveling from the Hyrule Castle to the Great Sky Island. However, after exploring the vast skies and mysterious islands, you may want a place you can call your own. So, follow this guide to find out how to buy and make a house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How do you buy a house?

Obtaining a home as you explore the vast plains of the Hyrule Kingdom is a must. Thankfully, we know how to buy a house in the Tears of the Kingdom open-world game. However, before buying and making Link’s home, you must complete the Side Adventure Mattison’s Independence in Tarrey Town.

Once you complete this quest, you can return to Tarry Town and find Rhondon. Once you interact with her, a new Side Quest called Home on Arrange will beginInitially, assembling your new home will cost you 3,000 Rupees; however, because you completed the side quest, it will now cost you 1,500 Rupees to build.

After your interaction with Rhondson, use the Rasitakiwak Shrine to fast travel to the Hudson Construction Site and speak to Grantéson; he will assist you in building your new home. After assembling the two starting rooms with your Ultrahand ability, Grantéson will inspect them. Once you have completed this side quest, you will also receive the Hudson Construction Fabric that can be used to make a paraglider.

Of course, you won’t be limited to these two rooms; below, you can find a list with all the rooms and their prices in TotK.

  • Angled Room – 300 Rupees
  • Furnished Angled Room – 400 Rupees
  • Square Room – 350 Rupees
  • Furnished Square Room – 450 Rupees
  • Weapon Stand Room – 600 Rupees
  • Bow Stand Room – 600 Rupees
  • Shields Stand Room – 600 Rupees
  • Gallery – 400 Rupees
  • Bedroom – 400 Rupees
  • Kitchen – 400 Rupees
  • Blessing Room – 400 Rupees
  • Paddock – 400 Rupees
  • Foyer – 300 Rupees
  • Study – 250 Rupees
  • Indoor Stairs – 350 Rupees
  • Outdoor Stairs – 300 Rupees
  • Garden Pond – 300 Rupees
  • Flower Bed – 250 Rupees

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