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How to Change Faction in New World

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New World is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role playing game) that aims to merge both PvE instanced content with world conquest familiar to Elder Scrolls Online. Players create their characters and join a faction, allowing you to join PvP guilds working for the greater good of their faction, conquering the many zones of Aeternum. While Amazon Games want you to pick a faction and stick to it, there is a way to change a faction if you wish. Here is how to change faction in New World.

How Factions work

The first thing you need to know about New World is the importance of joining a faction. During your tutorial, you’ll make your way to the nearest settlement and follow the main quest. Eventually, you’ll speak to all three of the factions: the Syndicate, Marauders and Covenant. After talking to all three, you’ll eventually enlist with one of them, fighting on their behalf in Aeternum’s bloody landscape. If you want a more detailed guide on New World factions, why not check out our in-depth overview?

When you head to the faction you want to join, speak to its representative in your starting settlement. The representative will ask you to lock in your choice. If you feel you made a mistake, the game currently allows you to switch faction. However, Amazon Games has developed a system that stops players from transferring to the faction with the most land. So, we highly advise picking what you want the first time around.


So you want to change faction?

The process of changing faction in New World is easy. Simply load your character and press “K” (the default key to open the character screen). When the new menu opens up, click on the Bio tab. You’ll notice the faction you are currently a part of on the left side of the menu. At the bottom left of the screen, you can see a Change Faction button. Clicking on that button opens a new menu showing the two other factions in New World. However, you cannot switch to the faction which owns the most territory. If you want to join that faction, you’ll need to wait for your gang to take over or the third faction to collect some more land.

If you do successfully switch faction, you’ll enter a 120-day lockout from changing faction again. You’ll also lose your faction rank and all faction badges earned through missions. It is safe to say changing your faction will set you back in terms of progression on titles and gear (if you opt to gear through your faction’s quartermaster). Amazon Games appear to have gone out of their way to ensure that one faction doesn’t immediately dominate the server, making the faction rivalries somewhat competitive by design.


There you go, you now know how to change faction in New World. If you are switching faction, let us know why, as it could be useful feedback for Amazon Games to ensure the game stays balanced in its post-launch life.

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2 thoughts on “How to Change Faction in New World”

  1. AJ

    Most people leave factions because (like in my case) forced merges.
    The other companies players inside the faction (who are from the new world that we were thrown into) behaviors are so toxic and the faction nor the company leaders never correct those players behaviors.
    These players will stand over you when you die and dance an you or use the X key and crawl all over you and let you die (unflagged) and another factions company player will come over and revive you, then message you about how toxic that company and faction is.
    Our old world (Brazir) while it dwindled away due to all of the nerfing and buffing, loss of coin and objects from sales in the store, and all of the other crappy updates and bug fixes (that broke everything else) we were still a very close knit world and community.
    No man left behind mentality.
    In our new world (which sucks for green because they are so toxic) most of us are going to other factions because they are all about themselves and working the games system.
    They manipulate the market, and throw their own faction under a bus in wars (anything really) just to benefit themselves and get ahead.
    No one wants to be a part of that, at least no one with a normal mindset capacity.

    • Craig Robinson

      Wow, that’s crazy :O. My old server (Diana’s Grove) had drama between the orange guilds within the first week of it launching. One guild wanted other guilds to be the Warhawks, while they overpopulated and took things for themselves. Eventually, the faction turned on itself and the underdog green faction took over the server. Faction drama in that game is certainly interesting.

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