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How to complete Secrets & Schemes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Updated: Apr 10, 2023 1:04 pm
Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Table

The Pride of the Valley update brought in additional hidden quests for you to complete. One of these quests involves helping Merlin discover what Ursula and Mother Gothel’s true intentions are. Are you ready to be a spy and lurk in the shadows, listening in on conversations? If so, talk to Merlin. He has a secret mission for you. Here is how you complete Secrets & Schemes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Secrets & Schemes quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are multiple hidden quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Just like with the Three-Course Thank-You quest, you need to find a hidden item to start Secrets & Schemes. If you search the Glade of Trust, you can find Merlin’s Notes lying about. For us, these notes were sitting next to one of the ponds but they can appear in different areas of the swamp. After picking up the notes, talk to Merlin and he will ask you to spy on Ursula and Mother Gothel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Notes

Unfortunately, you can’t just go meet up with Ursula and Gothel to see what is going on. Instead, you need to wait a day until you can spy on them. Wait until the next day and then go to the Glade of Trust. You will see Mother Gothel and Ursula speaking to each other. There is no need to be sneaky as neither one will question you standing there while they talk.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Glade

Immediately after the conversation, speak to Ursula to confront her. She will be appalled by your actions and explain what she and Mother Gothel were doing. It is your choice on how you want to react to the situation but Ursula isn’t the most truthful resident of the valley. After confronting Ursula, return to Merlin. Speak to him about what you saw and this will complete the quest.

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