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How to fix Hogwarts Legacy frame drops & stuttering on PC

How to fix Hogwarts Legacy stuttering issues on PC (or at least mitigate them)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023 2:52 pm
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Hogwarts Legacy frame drops are plaguing many PC gamers who got hold of the game in Early Access, some are even reporting full-on crashes. PlayStation players aren’t really experiencing these issues, so it seems to be another case of poor PC implementation. If you want to stop Hogwarts Legacy stuttering in your playthrough, then we’ve got a few tips below that could help alleviate the issue.

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We’ll first be discussing why the performance in Hogwarts Legacy seems to be sub-par, especially for PC gamers. Then it’s time for some troubleshooting, which should hopefully help you get the most out of Hogwarts Legacy while evading frame drops and stuttering.

Why is Hogwarts Legacy performance so poor?

It seems that this new game set in the Harry Potter / Wizarding World universe is suffering from a similar fate to other titles developed with consoles in mind, that then end up poorly optimized on PC. Even if you have a beastly rig you can still experience these issues. We expect at least some of these problems to be ironed out in future patches and updates, but we may have to wait at least a short while for these to come out.

If you’re experiencing frame drops and stuttering in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s what we’d suggest to fix it.

How to fix Hogwarts Legacy frame drops and stuttering



Check if you have a Zen 4 Ryzen CPU

It’s known that there are substantial compatibility issues that can affect performance if you have an AMD Ryzen Zen 4 CPU.

If you do have one of these, this could be the source of your problems. Check out our dedicated page for more information (Hogwarts Legacy isn’t using your Ryzen CPU properly).



Disable ray-tracing in settings

Ray-Tracing is generally a very demanding setting, that even people with high-end gaming PCs will often turn off so they get an overall smoother experience.

This graphical technology generates realistic more simulations of light, though it’s an incredibly intensive procedure.

Your PC might not even have Ray-Tracing support to begin with (you can read about the best GPUs for ray-tracing here) but if it does, disabling the feature should give you a decent performance boost, reducing frame drops.

You can read more about how to turn off ray tracing in Hogwarts Legacy here.



Enable DLSS if possible (Ultra Performance)

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is an AI-based tech that renders frames at lower resolutions then upscales them to 1080p, 1440p, 4K, or whatever resolution, essentially artificially shortcutting the rendering process and either improving FPS performance at your existing resolution, or letting you increase the resolution and graphical fidelity to settings that would previously be unplayable with your particular graphics card.

Insofar as Hogwarts Legacy goes, turning it on to Ultra Performance mode will maximise the FPS, helping to reduce frame drops, stuttering and the demands on your hardware that could lead to crashes.



Reduce your graphics settings

This is admittedly isn’t much of an earth-shattering insight, but at least it’s straightforward.

Ultimately until the developers sort out whatever issues are hampering performance with the game in a patch, you might have to settle to enjoying the game at a lower resolution and/or rendering quality than you’d like.

Generally reducing shadow quality is a good place to start, as these are demanding but you’ll probably miss them less than reducing the other quality settings.



Update drivers to latest release

Neither Nvidia or AMD have yet released official drivers with support for Hogwarts Legacy, though Intel have for their Arc series.

For when they do release though, ensuring that you’re updated to the latest graphics card drivers is always a good way to make sure that your hardware is fully compatible with the game, especially for a new title such as Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy frame drops FAQs

Does Hogwarts Legacy run well on PC?

In short: no. Hogwarts Legacy does not run well on PC, at least at this present time.

Although console users don’t experience many issues, most PC users experience frame drops and stuttering currently. It’s hoped that the developers will resolve this in future patching.

When is Hogwarts Legacy released on PC?

Hogwarts Legacy fully releases on PC on the 10th February, 2023.

That being said, you can play Hogwarts Legacy early on Steam via Early Access.

Will Hogwarts Legacy PC performance improve?

We can only assume that the performance will improve over time with future patches and fixes. The game looks to be massively popular moving forward, so there is definitely going to be a lot of demand for improvements.

Can I run Hogwarts Legacy on a low-end PC?

Right now, it’s looking like it would be a struggle to run Hogwarts Legacy on a low-end PC without having to combat low frames or frame drops. Regardless, make sure you meet the system requirements before you play. There is a ton of customization in the settings that allows you to make the most of the hardware you’re playing with.

Hogwarts Legacy is set to release a day-one patch to fix some of the issues many are facing. Read more about the patch here.

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How to fix Hogwarts Legacy frame drops, Hogwarts Legacy stuttering & crashes on PC : Final Word

We hope this guide on how to fix Hogwarts Legacy frame drops, Hogwarts Legacy stuttering, and crashes on PC has proven of some use. There’s not guarantee that the above steps will provide you with a complete solution to removing the issues described, however, they’re the best we have currently until the developers pull their finger out and patch the game for PC users. Until then, hold fast!

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