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How to fix memory leaking in Diablo 4 – run out of memory error

Trying to enjoy the new Diablo 4, but you might be lacking some memory apparently

Updated: May 10, 2023 10:23 am
How to fix memory leaking in Diablo 4 – run out of memory error

As the Diablo 4 release date nears, there are still opportunities to beta-test it, or server slam it soon enough. But previously, and possibly in these tests, you still might find some bugs that interrupt your experience. One is running out of memory, so we look at how to fix memory leaking in Diablo 4.

Memory refers to the RAM in your system, and games utilize it to load up anything needed to be ready for the textures and world it leads up to. So it is important to have enough for the game but sometimes it might not work as it should.

Does Diablo 4 have a memory leak?

Diablo 4 might not have an inherent memory leak but it does use up a lot of memory anyways. If you have textures and settings set to high, your RAM usage will be high. And some users have reported issues of the game crashing as it runs out of memory but this may be from other applications running.

Is there any way to fix memory leak?

Closing any processes taking up the most memory process will help to prevent crashes, but leaks will continue until patched. To prolong your experience you could increase your RAM amount.

How to fix memory leak in Diablo 4

There are a couple of things you might want to try to fix the memory leak. As there are some usual things that might help improve your memory usage, but some anecdotal options from the community to try.

Don’t play any other video or audio, close other applications

According to u/Asinto11 on Reddit any audio or video running on the side or background can cause the game to crash as it runs out of memory. So if you’re trying to watch that video on your side monitor or listen to a podcast, you might have to skip it to prevent any crashes or such in Diablo 4 for now.

You may want to also close any other applications running on your system. This will help with competing for resources as you may want to enjoy Diablo 4 at the time.

Lower graphics settings

Another thing to try is to lower the settings on the game, we know it might be annoying and not ideal but might help resolve it. In particular textures and other resource-intensive settings require memory, so most of them. This should help free up how much is being used and help prevent the game from crashing or misbehaving with memory.

Update drivers

We know everyone goes on about it, but it is important. It keeps your system secure and updated so as to work with everything. In particular, graphics drivers will be the key, but other options like your chipset and motherboard options can be key too.

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