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How to get rope in Sons Of The Forest

Rope - a survival must-have

Updated: Mar 3, 2023 3:45 pm
how to get rope in sons of the forest

It’s time to teach you how to get rope in Sons Of The Forest. You have to start from scratch when you find yourself on a remote island, and finding a rope is probably one of the most useful tools starting out. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this quick and easy guide to show you how it’s done.

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You should be gathering up the best early game items when you start out in Sons Of The Forest. Although a rope may not be the very first thing you have your eyes on, it’s certainly worth getting.

How to find rope in Sons Of The Forest

From what we know so far, rope isn’t the easiest tool to get your hands on while exploring the Sons Of The Forest map. This may not come as a surprise for any seasoned survivor, considering it’s not a naturally occurring resource.

It seems as if the developers are well aware that finding rope quickly will help us get a head-start on our crafting. Both suitcases and crates which are scattered around your spawn point following a crash landing are a good place to start your search for rope.

Obviously, crash-site overhead luggage isn’t an endless supply, so here are a few other places to look after you’ve exhausted that:

  • Beaches, for washed up items and shipwrecks
  • Cliffs, with presumably leftover climbing equipment
  • Enemy camps (with caution)
  • Caves (ideally with a light source to explore with)

What you can use rope for in Sons Of The Forest

Rope is useful for all sorts of different crafting jobs. You can never have too much rope after all, so it’s good to stock up where you can and make the most of your collection. It’s survival of the fittest, after all. Here are a few of the things you can build in Sons Of The Forest with the use of rope.

  • Shelters
  • Tree house bases
  • Platforms
  • Traps
  • Towers
  • Weapons
sons of the forest rope weapon
A hint to suggest you can use rope to craft some primitive weapons, there’s also the Rope Gun

Hopefully you can source enough rope out in the wild to get your camp up and running for a decent chance of survival in Sons Of The Forest.

Is rope an important item in Sons Of The Forest?

We’d say that any kind of item that improves your chances of survival is an important one in Sons Of The Forest. With that being said, rope is a valuable asset to have stocked up in your inventory. Admittedly, there are definitely some more important resources out there – food, drinks (or a way to store your water), and weapons are what immediately come to mind.

Regardless, rope much more useful when it comes to getting to grips with the game’s crafting and building system. One key thing to point out is that many enemies are incapable of climbing rope, which is why something like rope access to your base (with a treehouse for example) is valuable.

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