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How to get the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Updated: May 18, 2023 11:25 am
Disney Dreamlight Valley Plaza

One of the biggest mysteries in Disney Dreamlight Valley is that of the different colored potatoes. It all began with the discovery of the Golden Potato. Now, there are multiple colored potatoes that you can get your hands on including an Orange Potato. The Orange Potato, however, is annoying to obtain thanks to the long process required to get it. Once obtained, you can get the potato to make the Electrifying Orange Potion and continue the potato quest. Here is where you can find the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the Orange Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Orange Potato is the most difficult of the potatoes to obtain. With the Red and Blue Potatoes, you can simply walk into specific resident homes and pick them up. The Orange Potato, however, is created at a crafting station and is needed to make the Electrifying Orange Potion. The only clue as to the whereabouts of the Orange Potato is the map in Mickey’s Secret Room in Dream Castle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Potato Map

The map reveals a big clue as to how to find the potato. First, you need to equip the Lenses of Shadows. If you don’t have them, you need to complete Scrooge’s quest line to get your hands on them. Once you have the glasses equipped, you will be able to see small orange pebbles throughout Dream Castle and the various realms connected to it. There are 20 Orange Pebbles in total for you to track down across the realms with most realms having two or three.

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Once you have collected all the Orange Pebbles, bring them to a crafting station. Under the functional items section, you will see the option to craft the Orange Potato. This option only appears if you have all 20 of the pebbles. Craft the Orange Potato to add it to your inventory and further entrench yourself in this Disney Dreamlight Valley mystery.

How to get Lenses of Shadow in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lenses of Shadow was mentioned above to be equipped and this is important as the only way you can spot orange pebbles is through equipping the Lenses of Shadow – so how do you acquire them? It’s straight forward.

Follow these quick and easy steps in order to be granted the lenses of shadow:

  1. Get your friendship level with Scrooge McDuck to maximum level
  2. Complete Scrooge McDuck’s final friendship quest, Treasure Hunt Paert 2
  3. Once completion, the Lenses of Shadow will be applied into your wardrobe in your inventory.

The final friendship quest is important as it will teach how best to utilise the lenses of shadow.

How to craft the Electrifying Orange Potion

Once you have the Orange Potato, you can simply craft the Electrifying Orange Potion at any crafting station around the valley.

Following these quick and easy steps will grant you the potion pretty quickly:

  1. Craft an Empty Vial using Glass, which is made from 5 Sand and 1 Coal Ore.
  2. Combine the Orange Potato and the Empty Vial at any crafting station around the valley.
  3. You will now have the Electrifying Orange Potion.

Tips around Electrifying Orange Potion

Following these tips will be crucial to understand the limit of your crafting and also what the potions are for.

Here are a few quick tips to help you utilise these potions a little more in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • If you have completed all of the potions up to this point, you should have gold, blue, red, and orange potions.
  • The Electrifying Orange Potion is used to complete a hidden quest in the valley.

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