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How to get to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy

Navigating the twists and turns towards Hogwart's hospital wing

Updated: Feb 23, 2023 3:58 pm
How to get to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy

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The much awaited Hogwarts Legacy has finally dropped, and it’s as if the entire world is collectively playing it currently to fulfill their dreams of being wizards and witches. However, as expected, it isn’t what one would call a safe adventure.

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When roaming the dusty halls of Hogwarts, you might find yourself in need of some quick healing, in which case the hospital wing should be your go to. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to spot it.

We’ll be going through everything you need to know about getting to the hospital wing, including which quest it directly relates to unlocking access to it.

How to unlock access to the Hospital Wing to Hogwarts Legacy

Before you’re able to head to the hospital wing for yourself, you need to progress in the main Hogwarts Legacy storyline a little. This is because the path to the Hospital Wing is only reachable when passing through a locked door, and Alohomora, which is the spell that unlocks level 1 doors, is unlocked when completing a specific quest.

You’ll know you have access to the main story quest after the Hogwarts Caretaker, Gladwin Moon sends you an owl and asks you to meet him near the Grand Staircase. The quest itself is called ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’, and requires you to destroy a couple of Demiguise statues by removing their Demiguise Moons.

hogwarts legacy spiral staircase

How to get to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy

After unlocking the Alohomora spell, all that’s left to do is to follow the right path to get to the Hospital Wing:

  1. Start by fast traveling to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame.
  2. Go straight as soon as you spawn, and take the first door to the left. Note that this will be the door you would have unlocked in the above mentioned quest.
  3. You’ll find in front of you a couple of flights of stairs. Keep going up all the while ignoring the landings until you come across a statue of a turquoise unicorn in a fountain. (Three flights of stairs sticking left, one flight of stairs heading right, and then two spiral staircases.)
  4. Turn to the left in front of the unicorn fountain and there will be the Hospital Wing.

It is highly recommended that, regardless of the quest you’re doing or the reason you’ve come to the Hospital Wing, you activate the Floo Flame fast travel spot which should be just outside the room in front of the stairs. This will make getting to the Hospital Ward again much easier all the while saving you some valuable time and effort climbing all those stairs.

What is in the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy?

There aren’t too many surprises in store at the Hospital Wing of Hogwarts, with beds for patients and nurses as you’d expect. The Unicorn Fountain is something you should look out for though, as this will net you a field guide page. Simply cast Revelio as usual nearby the fountain in order to reveal this page and add it to your collection.

The Hospital Wing of Hogwarts is much like the rest of Hogwarts, with secrets to be found and loot to be looted. Make sure you explore every area once you’ve located it, thanks to our guide.

How to get to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy : Final word

That was how to get to the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy, or at least the most convenient and straight forward way of doing so. The most common reason for most players wanting to reach this wing is to unlock either the house relic cloak or the Daedalian Keys, both of which can be found in that area.

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