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How to handcuff someone in Shadows of Doubt

Updated: May 2, 2023 3:15 pm
Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt will see you pursuing cases and tracking down a serial killer as a private investigator. You can play out your detective noir dreams and handcuff suspects to question them and learn more about the case.

Solving it could be just the break you need. But when it comes time to put someone in irons, how do you do it? Here’s how to properly handcuff a suspect in Shadows of Doubt.

How to handcuff someone in Shadows of Doubt?

First, you’ll need to utilize your trusty set of handcuffs. These can be found in your detective inventory and allow you to place them on a suspect’s wrists. Go into your inventory by pressing X. It’s there that you’ll find all of your detective items and equipment. Select the handcuff option by using Left Click and they’ll be added to your hand slot. Exit the inventory by pressing X again.

The handcuffs will take the place of a weapon such as your Utility Knife and allow you to handcuff a suspect. With the handcuffs equipped, approach a suspect, aim for their hands, and a text prompt should come up. Left Click again to place the cuffs on the suspect.

What is the purpose of handcuffing someone?

Once the handcuffs are on, the person will be unable to fight back so you can question them, scan their fingertips, leave them there, or ultimately put them behind bars. You can place handcuffs on someone in a number of ways. The first will require you to knock out your target so you can more easily slip on the handcuffs. After you’ve punched or hurt them enough, they should fall on the floor, be careful not to outright kill them. As soon as they are knocked out, you can put the handcuffs around their wrists.

The second way to handcuff someone is to slowly approach them and aim for their hands. The prompt should appear, if you’re able to handcuff the NPC you’re approaching, and you can use Left Click to place the cuffs on their wrists.

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