How to link your EA account to Steam/ Link Origin to Steam

We look at how to link your Origin account to Steam and how to install EA games on Steam

How to link your EA account to Steam how to Link Origin to Steam min

With all of Origins games now being available on Steam, you can now play your favorite EA titles through either platform, leaving many asking how to link their EA account to Steam? A big concern for many is that they fear they might lose their progression in certain titles, however, linking the accounts ensures you keep your game progress and items.

Do I need to link my Origin account to Steam?

Origin is a digital distribution platform, much like Steam, and for a time  EA games were exclusively on Origin. To give their customers more flexibility, Origin and Steam now allow players to link accounts, making your entire Origin library accessible through Steam. The bottom line is, you only need to link the accounts if you plan on playing an EA game through Steam, and once linked, you can start downloading!

Things to note before linking EA & Steam

Once you unlink a platform account, such as Steam, from your EA account to a new one, you can’t unlink it again for another six months.

You can take advantage of EA Play subscriptions across both Origin and Steam when linked, giving you access to a larger pool of EA games regardless of platform.

How to link your EA account to Steam/ Link Origin to Steam

How to link your EA account to Steam/ Link Origin to Steam

link ea account to steam

You can only link one Steam account to one EA/ Origin account, so choose the right one before following the steps below.


Sign In

link ea account to steam

Open Steam and sign in to your account


Launch an EA game

link ea account to steam1 min

Select and launch any EA game you have purchased through Steam and it will now ask you to install the Origin client onto your PC (if not already there). Once installed the origin client should open.


Link Steam and EA accounts

link ea account to steam2

Origin will now ask you to link your Steam and EA accounts, you just need to log in to Origin using your EA account or create one.


Finish installation

link ea account to steam3

Steam will now proceed with the game’s installation and should let you know when it is available to play!

How to install Origin games on Steam

Once your EA and Steam accounts are linked, the installation process becomes much simpler.

  1. Sign yourself into Steam and head to your games library.
  2. Select the game you wish to install and click ‘Install‘. A pop-up window should appear, click ‘Next‘ and you are done.



Now you know how to link your Origin account to Steam, you can start enjoying those EA games where you please. Be aware that when you unlink these accounts and then link your Steam account to a different EA account, your in-game progress will not transfer. That being said, if you unlink your platform account and link it back to the original EA account that it was previously linked to, you will get your progression back.