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How To Play Mage In MultiVersus

Mages are incredibly strong in this meta, see how you can play them!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022 10:11 am
How To Play Mage In MultiVersus

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In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to play the mage class in MultiVersus

Source: Inferno Paternal, 2022

Mage is one of the more difficult classes to play in MultiVersus, coordination is key for this class to get full output of their kits.

Multiversus Mage

Mages in the game include the likes of: Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry & Rick from Rick and Morty.

Tips on how to play the mage class in MultiVersus

As mentioned before, this class is difficult to master however when practiced correctly your potential to carry games go up massively.

What makes mages so strong?

It’s been mentioned by MultiVersus’ developers that one of the mages, Bugs Bunny is being nerfed after EVO 2022.

This comes to no surprise however, as mages are considerably strong at the moment with their long distance fighting.

Whilst they have projectiles, their crowd control is super strong to allow them to fight up close too. Seems like some balancing is needed!

However, currently with hard-hitting projectiles and strong base damage, they can single handily defeat many characters solo.

Bugs Bunny is in a incredibly strong at the moment, with Tom & Jerry following too.

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How to play as Mage

Following these tips will definitely make you a strong mage player in MultiVersus:

Hitting your projectiles

Source: VGC, 2022

Making sure you are hitting your projectiles is crucial to become a strong Mage player in MultiVersus.

Both mages have ranged projectiles in their arsenal and if not used correctly, you’re and crossing off a big percentage of that kit!

You also need to remember that projectiles have cd (cooldowns) so being able to control them alongside your normal combos is important to output the most damage possible!

Never be one-sided

You should never be one-sided as a mage.

Whilst ranged projectiles can keep you out of action, you want to fight up-close.

Fighting up-close adds more versatility to your playstyle. Being one-sided will never be effective with this class.

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You want to be as disruptive as possible so be encouraged to mix it up every now and then.

Always lead your opponents

As a mage, you will always want to lead your opponents to where YOU want them to be.

This sets up surprise projectile attacks which can catch opponents off-guard followed by some melee combos.

This can be crushing for the opponent who will inflict higher damager is quicker times, so get sneaky!

Understand your character

Source: IGN, 2022

Currently there are only two mages in the game: Bugs Bunny & Tom and Jerry. However they do not play similarly.

Understanding each mage and how they work currently is crucial to understand what type of mage playstyle you prefer.

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Each character has their own feints too, so getting used to feinting as a mage as can definitely be used as strong bait.

So to sum up on how to play mage in MultiVersus, follow these tips:

  • Hitting your projectiles
  • Never be one-sided
  • Always lead your opponents
  • Understand your character

Following these tips can definitely make you a stronger mage however they are only recommendations.

With MultiVersus having to delay Season One, preseason’s window is still open.

Use this time to craft your playstyle in preparation for competitive play once Season One launches!

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