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How to play The Finals open beta, release time & end time

Updated: Oct 31, 2023 9:56 am
How to play The Finals open beta, release time & end time

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The Finals is an upcoming competitive FPS shooter with a pretty unique premise, so today we’re going to show you how to play The Finals open beta, as well as letting you know the release time of the game. With an official release date not yet here – instead listed as ‘coming soon’ on the Steam store, the open beta is the only way to play the game right now. Luckily, signing up is a simple process.

We’re actually entering the second stage of beta tests for The Finals. Developers Embark Studios and Nexon began The Finals beta on March 7th 2023, though this was more of a closed beta. This first gameplay playtest ran until March 21, 2023, but now another is taking its place as the full release of the game draws ever closer. Plenty of interest is being generated, especially now we’ve seen The Finals become the most wish-listed game on Steam – so let’s get to figuring out how to play it.

How to play The Finals open beta

If you’re looking to get access to the beta, do the following:

  1. Log in to Steam and head to The Finals’ Steam Store page.
  2. Scroll down look for “Join the The Finals Playtest”, then click on Request Access.
  3. Wait for an email with your Steam key to access the beta.

Back during the closed beta, getting your hands on a key was more of a challenge, but this open beta phase is much easier to get in, as the name would suggest. You’ll know if you get access because you will receive an email. Then you’ll be able to download the beta client via the Steam page for The Finals. Developers Embark recently put out a message addressing crashes for console players, but more importantly for us PC players, ‘all Steam players’ will be getting access upon request.

The Finals open beta signup dev response
Image source: @reachthefinals on X

The Finals open beta release time & end time

The beta is now available, having gone live on October 26th, 2023 – so the open beta is now free for all to join, all you have to do is request access following the steps above. If you’re wondering about when the open beta will come to close, then this is set for November 5th, 2023. This gives you around a week and a half of time to jump in and try the game out for yourself. No set time of day for when the open beta ends has been announced, but it if ends at the same time it started, then it will be 2:30AM PST / 5:30AM EDT / 10:30AM GMT.

Initially release date predictions for the full game were around the end of the year, but we’ll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition. The open beta is certainly one step closer, so we’re excited to see how everything shapes up towards the end in 2024.

How to play The Finals open beta
Image source: Steam

How do I get The Finals open beta?

You can access The Finals beta by signing up for the playtest on the game’s Steam page and waiting for access to be granted. You should be sent an email with a Steam code for the game in no time.

How long will the The Finals open beta last?

The Finals open beta is set to last until November 5th, giving you around a week and half to play the game. No specific time of day has been announced however.

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