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How to request a replacement Xbox controller

Having problems with an in-warranty Xbox controller? Here’s how to request a replacement

Updated: Jan 10, 2022 10:48 am
request replacement xbox controller

A lot of Xbox players may be committed to the brand, but there’s no denying there are some issues with the longevity of Xbox controllers, often losing functionality in their bumpers or analog sticks. If you’re having trouble with yours, here’s how to find out if you’re eligible for a replacement Xbox controller.

Order a replacement Xbox controller through Xbox directly

If you purchased your controller from Microsoft directly, or it is the controller that came with your Xbox console, you can check your warranty status with Xbox directly.

Xbox support

On the Xbox support pages, there is a simple online form on which you can enter your controller’s serial number to find out if you are still under warranty, and if you can request a replacement. This simple Xbox webpage also shows you how to find your Xbox controller serial number on both a standard controller and an Elite Wireless controller.

request replacement xbox elite 2 controller
Images via Xbox support.

There is also plenty of information of Xbox’s support pages as to how to troubleshoot your controller, and how to update your controller.

Microsoft account

Alternatively, there is a more in-depth page via your Microsoft account, on which you can link your console, check your device coverage, and start a service order. Simply head to your Microsoft account and select Devices, where you’ll see all devices already linked, as well as the option to register a new Device.

How long is an Xbox controller warranty

The Warranty length on a Xbox controller is just 90 days, meaning the issues need to show themselves within approximately three months of purchase for you to be able to request a replacement. An Xbox console, on the other hand, holds a warranty of a year. If you are unsure of whether your controller is within warranty or not, you can still use the pages above and you will be able to find out before sending your controller away.

If you are having issues with your Xbox controller outside of the warranty period, it might still be worth contacting Microsoft, as they may be able to repair or replace your controller for a charge.

Speak to the retailer

If you didn’t purchase your controller or console through Microsoft directly, you may need to go back to the retailer you purchased it from in order to request a replacement. Again, if within 90 days of the original purchase, the retailer in question will be able to start the repair or replacement process.

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