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How to unlock Animal Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

Updated: Feb 16, 2023 11:50 am
how to unlock the animal puzzle doors in hogwarts legacy

This is a guide on how to Unlock Animal Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy.  How exactly do the puzzles work? What do the symbols mean? And how do you get to the riches concealed behind these stubborn doors? These are all questions that will be answered.

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Acquire the Arithmancy Study Guide Page

While you could guess the animal puzzle doors with sheer determination and patience, Hogwarts Legacy includes a major clue to help you. 

animal puzzles divination classroom

Fast travel to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame in The Library Annex portion of Hogwarts. Take a left into the room with the wooden rafters and follow the path until you can take a right. Follow the path until you find one of the animal puzzle doors. 

In a chest opposite the door is a parchment you can pick up called the Arithmancy Study Guide Page.

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Open up the document, and you’ll see that each beast or animal is assigned a specific number, as follows. Note that some beasts aren’t easily described, so bear with us when reading through the names given to each.

animal puzzle cheat sheet
  • Owl – 0 
  • Unicorn – 1
  • Horned Beast -2
  • Three-headed Serpent – 3
  • Second Owl – 4
  • Four-legged Beast – 5
  • Salamander – 6
  • Tentacled-Beast – 7
  • Spider – 8
  • Multi-Headed Serpent Beast – 9

How to Unlock Animal Puzzle Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

Each animal puzzle door has triangle diagrams (usually two) featuring several beat symbols, numbers, and question marks. The key is to add up the three symbols on the extremities of the triangle to get the number in the middle. Let’s take a look at an example.

animal puzzle example

So, if we are aiming to get a total of 9, as represented by the 9 in the middle of the triangle. We know there’s a 2 from the number 2 on the left. Using the Arithmancy parchment, we know that the Three-Headed Serpent’s number is 3. So, 2+3 = 5. We need a symbol corresponding to the number 4 to get 2+3+4 = 9, which is the Second Owl, according to the parchment.

Next to each puzzle, you’ll find dials you can interact with to change the symbol. Here, we’ll use the one to the left of the door and turn it to the Second Owl.

That’s all there is to it, really! So, once you’ve entered the answer, a door where the puzzle is should open and you will be able to go through.

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