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How To Unlock Calling Cards MW2

Call Me Maybe?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022 10:55 am
Modern Warfare 2 Pilot

Ring Ring! Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out and brings with it a whole host of customization for your multiplayer needs. You can change your operator, your weapon, how your weapon looks, your calling card and so much more. But fans are wondering how to unlock calling cards in MW2, and we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to know.


Read on, fellow cadet, and learn how to make yourself as unique as possible.

How To Unlock Calling Cards

Modern Warfare 2 Inspect Weapons Pistol Screenshot

There are a few different ways to unlock calling cards in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:

  • Progression by simply playing through the multiplayer
  • Challenges
  • Campaign Missions
  • Microtransactions

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In order to change your calling card you have to press the options button, select social and use the trigger buttons to navigate to the Showcase tab. Once you reach the edit showcase option you can view all of your calling card options and choose between them.

There’s a wide array of options for you to choose from, so make sure you cycle and figure out exactly what appeals to you the most before settling on one.

Modern Warfare 2 All Calling Cards

There are a lot of Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards, and some are special in their own way. You can get holographic cards, cards that move, and more. But what are all the Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards?

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The following are all of the Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards:

  • CodeBowl III
  •  4-Wheeled Big Deal
  •  90s Sci Fi
  •  1000 Birds
  •  Adamant
  •  Aerial Entrance
  •  Alejandro
  •  All Mighty
  •  All That Glitters
  •  Almost Eaten
  •  Alternative Means
  •  Angry Forge
  •  Arachnophobia
  •  Aught
  •  Avaritia
  •  Back to Back
  •  Barreling Down
  •  Battle Ready
  •  Battle Robot
  •  Beast Within
  •  Bigfoot Bite
  •  Black Beetle
  •  Black Knight
  •  Bladed Charge
  •  Bladed Neon
  •  Blind Angel
  •  Blue Lagoon
  •  Boom Boom
  •  Bullet’s End
  •  Caught On Tape
  •  Central Blinding
  •  Chainlinked
  •  Challenger Approaches
  •  Chattering Soldier
  •  Chopper Down
  •  Clawed Flame
  •  Codshop
  •  Company Sniper
  •  Corner Cover
  •  Corrupt System
  •  Crimson Cape
  •  Cyber Black
  •  Cyber Sprint
  •  Danger
  •  Dark Warrior
  •  Darkened Pistol
  •  Deadly Laser
  •  Deadly Precision
  •  Death Wrap
  •  Death’s Angel
  •  Death’s Flowers
  •  Death’s Payment
  •  Delusional Wealth
  •  Desert Decor
  •  Determined Glare
  •  Dew It
  •  Divine Knighthood
  •  Do Not Enter
  •  Dome Polish
  •  Don’t Bunch Up
  •  Dual Skully
  •  Elegant Trifecta
  •  Emerald Rise
  •  Exploding Soldier
  •  Ready for Anything
  •  Mermen

That’s a whole lot of potential unlockables, so you better get to it and make sure you unlock the one you want the most.

Will More Calling Cards Be Added?

It’s fairly likely! Down the line developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision-Blizzard may decide to add more calling cards as part of an update, or as part of the battle pass system.

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