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How To Use Emotes In Diablo 4 – Easy methods

Updated: May 9, 2023 2:45 pm
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Emotes have always been a fantastic way to interact with the game and other players in Diablo 4. However, we bet you didn’t know that in the new Diablo 4 game, you have to use it in a side quest. It is called the Secret of the Spring quest, where you must use the Wait emote to obtain loot. This quest will take place at the waypoint Kyovoshad. So, to get you ready for the release of the game on June 6, 2023, this is a great time to learn how to use emotes in Diablo 4 in the early access beta

How to use emotes in Diablo 4

To use an emote in Diablo 4, you must first make your way to the Settings Menu. Once there, select the Options and search for the Controls tab. After that, scroll down to the Gameplay section and search for the Action Wheel. Here you can select the Key Bindings you prefer that will make it easier for you to access the emotes. You can also leave it at the default setting E

How do you emote in Diablo 4?

Now that you’ve chosen the appropriate Key Bindings on your keyboard or controller press it to bring up the Action Wheel. This is where all your emotes will be. To use your emote, all you need to do is press E and click on the emote you want to use. You will have three Action Wheels you can make use of. To use them, shift from left or right to see your options. Each Action Wheel will have eight slots you can utilize. 

How to add a new emote in Diablo 4

To add a new emote, press E to bring up your Action Wheel. At the bottom of your Action Wheel, there will be a small box labeled Customize. An emote menu will pop up to the right of your screen, showing the various types of emotes you can use. It will also show you which of your emotes are assigned and if you have any empty slots available. 

To assign a new emote, click on the emote of choice and select the slot you want to give it to. Once you are satisfied with these changes, you can click on the confirm button to your Save Changes at the bottom of the emote menu box. 

Here is a full list of emotes in Diablo 4:

  • Help
  • Sorry
  • Hello / Greetings
  • Thanks
  • Point
  • Yes
  • Wait
  • Wave
  • Follow
  • Cheer
  • No
  • Bye

Diablo IV Emotes FAQ

What is the emote key in Diablo 4?

The emote key in Diablo 4 is the E button on your keyboard if you are using Windows PC. If you use the Xbox Series X, it is the A button to confirm your emote.

How do I use emotes in Diablo 4?

To use your emote on Windows PC, press E to bring up your Action Wheel and click on the emote you want to use. As for Xbox Series X, press the B button to bring up your Action Wheel and the A button to confirm your emote.

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