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Horizon Forbidden West Hunting Grounds guide

Hunting Grounds are great for practicing with new weapons, builds, and more.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022 8:16 pm
West Hunting

Hunting Grounds in Horizon Forbidden West are locations that Aloy can travel to and take on special trials and challenges. Hunting Grounds are great for practicing with new weapons, builds, and more. Each Hunting Ground will test your efficiency and you have to beat the clock to get the best rewards.

Mastering Hunting Grounds in Horizon Forbidden West

When you head into a Hunting Ground, you need to speak to the Groundskeeper who will show you the three different trials that you can overcome in the location. You can choose any of the trials and get an overview of what you can expect. Once you are ready, you will have to complete it in time.

Trials can involve collecting machine parts, overriding machines, and more. Once you complete a trial, simply head to the Groundskeeper for your rewards. There are Merchants near all Groundskeepers to help you gear up in case you are missing key items that you need in the trials.

There are three tiers of rewards that are available in each trial, which are:

  • Full Stripes: Fastest time possible
  • Half Stripes: Fast Time
  • Quarter Stripes: Slowest Time

If you earn Full Stripes in any of the trials, you will automatically get access to the lower-tier stripes as well. There is an achievement for getting all stripes in the game and it is necessary to get the Platinum trophy for Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5. However, completing them is by no means necessary to complete the game’s campaign and you can come back to them after you finish the story.

If you get Full Stripes on all three trials in a Hunting Ground, you will be rewarded with the Grand Full Stripes reward, which is the ultimate prize in the 15 hunting grounds spread throughout the map. Hunting Grounds are easy to spot as you will run into them as you progress through the campaign.

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