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Icarus patch notes: Week 4 content update features two new missions

Here are the Icarus patch notes for the week 4 update.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021 4:57 pm
Icarus patch notes: Week 4 content update features two new missions

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Icarus has entered its fourth week of release, and the game is still getting more missions and content. The Icarus Week 4 content update features two new missions, with one of them being an advanced mission with no room for failure. Moreso, there is another round of bug fixes coming. Here is everything you need to know about the new Icarus patch notes.

Icarus Week 4 missions

As alluded to, the Icarus patch notes for the week 4 content update features two new missions. Players can venture into the ice biome for the new Advanced Order Stockpile mission. Players will need to collect, farm, and hunt to beath this mission and claim the rewards. Expect to build production buildings and acquire and manufacture raw resources on the planet’s surface, loading the content into a supply pod before shuttling back into orbit.

Meanwhile, there is a much harder mission, where death guarantees mission failure unless resurrected by an ally in coop. All we know of the mission is that you will be briefed on the mission objectives when you get into the level. Although, the official patch notes mention you need to repair a broken dropship. Expect to have to gather and defend the dropship to complete the task.

Icarus Week 4 bug fixes

The Icarus week 4 patch notes also feature plenty of new bug fixes, including:

  • Added refrigeration (food spoilage modifier) to Stockpile Cargo Pod inventory.
  • Fixed issue where modifiers to food spoilage rates on cargo ship inventories were not applied on resuming a drop.
  • Fixed issue where the cosmetic options for the host player could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed unintentional change causing the extractor to operate significantly slower than intended.
  • Fixed ‘Rifle-Reup’ Talent which was making rifle reloading slower instead of faster.
  • Fixed issue any object that consumes fuel would sometimes not stop consuming fuel when they had finished working.
  • Fixed issue where carrots could not be placed in the Icebox / Fridge.
  • Removed ability for glacier expedition to have randomized item locations to attempt to address issues over database reload issues.
  • Fixed issue where server only would run meta deposit emptied visual effects when meta deposit wasnt empty.
  • Fixed long term survey incorrectly not recording the collect location quest marker.

You can read the full Icarus Patch notes for Week 4 over on Steam’s news section.

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