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Why is there no Icarus reset talents and blueprints system?

Why is there no Icarus reset talents feature?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021 5:48 pm
Why is there no Icarus reset talents and blueprints system?

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Icarus is Dean Hall’s (Rocket) new survival game, which operates using session-based gameplay, making it more like a roguelike, combined with Escape From Tarkov style gameplay sessions. You make a character and used that person to venture onto the planet surface of Icarus. While you’re on the planet, you’ll be earning your space currency to speed at the space station, which will provide permanent upgrades to your character that you can use every time you drop down onto Icarus.

However, to get to that point, you need to actually be on the planet, doing things to get XP. Like other RPGs, you use XP to level up and climb up to unlock more talents and new items. In this game, you spend your level ups on new talents for your character’s talents and blueprints, offering better chapter specialization and getting items you want to build on the surface. While the system has quite a lot of variety, you can build your character to the exact focus you want, whether in a solo or a coop session. However, if you make a mistake, there is no going back, as there is no Icarus reset talents or blueprints feature.

Where is the Icarus talents and blueprints reset?

Many players are having issues with the realization that there are no Icarus reset talents or reset blueprints mechanics. Luckily for us at WePC, we encountered these issues in beta, realizing quickly that spending our Blueprint points on Thatch is a turbo mistake. But, there’s many who didn’t, and are discovering the pains of this for the first time. So, why is there no Icarus talents or blueprints reset?

The devs answered a question during the beta on the game’s Steam community page. Someone asked if you could reset your Icarus talents and blueprints. The answer provided is that it isn’t in the beta, and you’ll need to make a new character. Well, it seems to be the feature that might become a thing in the post-launch.

It seems like this is still the case, and there’s no post-launch update on if that feature is getting added. There’s plenty of ways to add it to the game naturally too Perhaps it is something that you can buy from the space station shop? That way, it remains somewhat like other games, such as Conan Exiles, which requires a potion to reset your skills and talents. It also offers that roguelike feel, where your investing into a character and resetting should only be a cautious thing.

Many players will no doubt appreciate any post-launch support for this feature, as there is clearly a demand. Moreso, the notion of making a new character to be more optimal is frankly annoying for most players, even if it is making us think better about the options in front of our characters. Either way, there’s plenty of room to make the feature a thing at some point, it is just a matter of confirming or denying it will be a thing now the game is officially released.

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