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Exclusive interview with GAIMIN CMO Andrew Faridani

GAIMIN CMO Andrew Faridani answers all our questions for you right here.

Updated: Apr 15, 2024 4:37 pm
Exclusive interview with GAIMIN CMO Andrew Faridani

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We’ve been learning a lot of GAIMIN recently, specifically their fascinating future and how exactly GAIMIN rewards you just for playing PC games. However, we haven’t been able to hear anything directly from the horse’s mouth, until now.

We sat down for a chat with the Chief marketing Officer (CMO), Andrew Faridani to ask him some questions about decentralised computing, blockchain, and how exactly GAIMIN works.

So, if you’ve any interest in Blockchain, decentralised computing, or PC gaming as a whole, we guarantee that you’ll find this interview interesting. Take a look !

What is GAIMIN?

1 – Hi, can you give us a brief overview of what GAIMIN is and its goals?

GAIMIN (www.gaimin.io) is a company focussing on delivering benefit and rewards for gamers. Our target audience is the PC-based gamer as that audience has the type of devices and mind-set we want to participate in our network.  

The aim of GAIMIN is to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network from gamers who allow their devices to participate in the GAIMIN network (www.gaimin.cloud). GAIMIN receives payment for data processing services and returns up to 90% of the revenue generated back to the users allowing their devices to participate in the network.

Also, as gamers are our target audience, we want to give something back to the gaming community and incentivise them to use GAIMIN services, passively generate rewards and provide gamers with an enhanced gaming experience.

Why PC gamers?

2 – Why do you think PC gamers are an ideal community for decentralized computing?

PC gamers are the ideal community for us to target for participating in and providing computational power for our decentralised data processing network because they have the higher performance devices we want to “borrow”.

They are also tech-savvy and know and understand the technology. In addition, they want to invest in their gaming experience, through the purchase of in-game assets, hardware and gaming software. Through our platform, a gamer can select whether or not they want to participate in our network and if so, how much of their spare computational resource they want to be utilised by GAIMIN. We reward them for this participation by returning up to 90% of the revenue we generate back to the users.

How does GAIMIN work?

3 – GAIMIN utilizes the spare processing capacity of gaming PCs worldwide. How does that work?

Simply a user downloads our PC-based app (www.gaimin.gg), registers with GAIMIN and the app immediately starts monetizing for the gamer. The app signals its availability to GAIMIN and is sent data processing jobs.

The gamer can turn this on or off, or when on, select the percentage of processing power provided by their PC to the GAIMIN network. This enables a gamer to passively earn rewards from GAIMIN, even with lower performing devices.

If a low performance device is monetizing and gaming at the same time, the gamer may experience lag or pixelation. Being able to select the level of processing power provided to GAIMIN enables a gamer to continue to play their game and undertake some level of passive reward generation at the same time. 

What is my spare power used for?

4 – What is the spare computing power used for?

GAIMIN processes two types of data – rendering of videos and powering of blockchain computations. 

Video rendering is a new service provided by GAIMIN (www.gaimin.cloud). A video producer sends their raw video file to GAIMIN. We separate the file into frames and submit each frame to devices to be rendered into the finalised output frame. We then collect the rendered frames and allow the video producer to download their rendered frames and convert these into videos.

This is a very useful service for video producers as they typically do not have the high performance hardware required to render videos and it will take them a great amount of time to complete their video. GAIMIN’s service is a lot cheaper than the service provided by centralised video rendering farms as GAIMIN does not need to invest in hardware, premises, and device maintenance.  

When there is no video rendering job, the GAIMIN network automatically switches to the powering of blockchain computations. This ensures that devices are always monetizing and generating some form of return for users. Video rendering is more profitable but does depend on customers submitting jobs. Powering of blockchain computations is very much less profitable but is always available. 

GAIMIN collects the payment for processing of data and returns up to 90% back to the users allowing their devices to participate. When powering blockchain computations, the performance of the device is taken into account. When rendering videos, the amount paid for the job by the customer is shared between the devices who assisted in the rendering process.

How are you planning growth?

5 – How do you plan to grow the number of gamers using the platform? How are you showcasing GAIMIN to relevant audiences?

Now this is a very interesting question! We have set up our own esports management company – Gaimin Gladiators (www.gaimingladiators.gg) . This company currently supports 4 teams playing DOTA 2, APEX Legends, PUBG and Rocket League.

We have also signed a new team to play The Harvest, a soon to be launched Web3 game heavily supported by BNB Chain. Our esports teams all participate in various tournaments and events which attract a large number of followers. Through branding, social media and other marketing methods, our aim is to target the followers of the players and teams and incentivize them to download app and participate in the passive monetization aspects of GAIMIN.

We incentivize followers not only through the standard monetization functionality, but we are also providing gamers with bespoke collectables, digital in-game assets, access to gaming hardware and components and also gift cards which can be redeemed for in-game tokens such as V-Bucks and Apex Coins. 

What about privacy?

6 – There are some understandable privacy concerns surrounding decentralized computing. How does GAIMIN protect the users?

GAIMIN software is developed with security as a fundamental component of its architecture. The application and platform has been assessed from a security perspective and mitigates all currently known vulnerabilities typical in the type of software deployed. Our CTO is extremely experienced in developing secure software.

Any data processing on a device in the network is undertaken using anonymised and encrypted data.

We are also regulated by FINMA in Switzerland, who have the highest levels of regulation and compliance for the industry in which we operate. Finally we are also compliant with European GDPR law and legislation.

Apex Legends & Fortnite? What other games are coming?

7 – We saw that you already have integrations with Apex Legends and Fortnite. Can you tell us which other games are in the pipeline?

We have a very interesting partnership agreement for a new game which will be launched soon – The Harvest. This game is currently in limited release and will be implementing Web3 functionality over the next few months. We have just signed a Harvest team and will be promoting a number of tournaments and events once the game goes live. This Web3 game is heavily supported by BNB Chain and will be one of the first major Web3 AAA launches this year.

Also, we have recently signed up a PUBG team. You may be wondering why we have signed PUBG, which is predominantly a mobile game when our app only works on PC! Well, gaming mobile devices are increasing in power all the game. Although not currently suitable for our data processing network, they have a large following and community, many of who will also have a PC! We want anyone with a PC to download our app and earn gaming rewards through GAIMIN.

Even if you don’t have a high performance PC, you could still passively earn gaming rewards and digital assets either in your own version, or by providing your NEP link to friends and family and passively benefit from their monetization activities. 

How do the rewards work?

8 – How exactly are PC gamers rewarded for using the GAIMIN service?

We have a number of mechanisms to reward gamers. The first is by allowing their PC to be used for participation in the data processing network. We submit jobs to the PC and return upto 90% of the revenue we receive for the data processing job back to the users allowing their devices to participate in the data processing network.

Powering of blockchain computations does require a higher performing device to generate the higher returns, however video rendering can be undertaken by virtually any GPU so we expect the majority of PC owners to be able to achieve some form of return from participation.

We also have “hourly” rewards – the longer your app remains connected to GAIMIN, the more you can earn. Currently we reward 2 hours, 10 hours and 20 hours of connectivity with 10 GMRX, 25 GMRX an 35 GMRX – upto 70 GMRX per day.

We also have a “Watch and Earn” facility. We have a number of players and influencers who stream their gameplay. Whilst you are watching a stream, your GMRX rewards increase – the longer you watch, the more GMRX you receive.

Combining the hourly rewards with the “Watch to Earn” facility, a gamer could increase their GMRX balance by around 100 GMRX per day, in addition to any GMRX they earn through participation in the GAIMIN data processing network. 

The future of GAIMIN

9 – It’s an undeniably exciting time for decentralised computing networks. What does the future of GAIMIN look like?

The future looks very exciting! We are introducing new ways for gamers to passively earn rewards and increase their account balance. From a monetization perspective in the data processing network, the requirement for AI computational power is an area we are investigating. PC’s have other components that can provide shared services – we have monetized a CPU in tests, storage devices such as hard discs are typically underutilised and so can be shared, and RAM is a possibility as well.

We are updating our platform to incorporate a Web3 games launching service. Over the coming months, we will have a large number of Web3 games available from our platform. They will all link into our rewards system, so playing a game launched from GAIMIN will reward the user. To assist games developers to add Web3 functionality into their games, we have released an API which a games developer can access and build blockchain functionality into their game. Our initial SDK for the API is released for the EPIC/Unreal engine, we have a number of others in the pipeline.

We intend to expand the streaming section to incorporate other games, players and key streaming influencers. Gamers can watch their favourite players and games and earn GMRX whilst watching.

Finally, we will continue to support our Gaimin Gladiators. The DOTA 2 team recently won the Lima Major and we have great expectations for them to be successful and achieve a top placing at the The International later this year. Our other teams are doing well, we will be working with The Harvest to create a successful launch for the game and we are always on the lookout for a new game or team that aligns with our target audience and delivers winning performances.

Our strapline is “No gamer left behind”. We believe we are delivering a service to the gaming community that is inclusive, participatory and delivers benefit to all gamers irrespective of how they play games. 

More GAIMIN stuff!

We want to thank Andrew Faridani again for giving such comprehensive answers and allowing us to learn more about the GAIMIN platform and how you can benefit. Download it here!

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