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Is EA Sports PGA Tour on PS4? 

Updated: Apr 3, 2023 9:59 pm
Is EA Sports PGA Tour on PS4? 

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The first few years of a new console generation is always an interesting space to operate in, especially this time around with the shortages we saw of the PS5. Some games try to release across both, while others will be purely exclusive to the latest and greatest console. Now, with one of the most exciting golf games on the horizon, we dive into whether or not we can expect EA Sports PGA Tour on PS4. 

The new EA Sports PGA Tour is introducing all new courses, as well as updated mechanics and gameplay for the latest rendition of their popular golf game.

If this EA Sports PGA Tour does skip out on releasing on PS4 then the previous console gen would have only got 2 PGA Tour games from EA Sports during its lifecycle, something many of us wouldn’t have believed back when the series was at its most popular. 

Is EA Sports PGA Tour on PS4? 

Unfortunately, as it stands, it does not look as though EA Sports PGA Tour will be coming to PS4. On the official website for EA Sports PGA Tour there is no mention at all as to whether or not the game is coming, so if it is not being advertised it is safe to assume it isn’t. There is a chance it could come at a later date but we will have to wait and see.  

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