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Is Foamstars Multiplayer?

let the foam begin

Updated: May 25, 2023 8:41 pm
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Foamstars is the new party shooter from Square Enix that will feature bubble and foam based combat. Showed off for the first time at PlayStation Showcase on May 24, the game’s reveal trailer showed off both gameplay and animated cutscenes. Gamers excited to add this party game to their libraries are wondering what type of gameplay Foamstars will have. Is Foamstars multiplayer?

Will Foamstars be multiplayer?

Yes, Foamstars will be entirely multiplayer. The party game will have 4v4 style shooting, with four player teams on either side competing against each other to win the battle. Both online multiplayer and local battle will be available for fans to enjoy.

Foamstars intends to bring a fresh new take on the genre, with bright foam battles and a multitude of fun mechanics. This is designed to be able for anyone to pick up and play, so regardless of whether you’re a veteran of multiplayer combat or new to the genre, the game welcomes you.

Foamstars not only uses foam for ammunition, but for building material, as well. Players can shoot foam to build up the soap, being able to slide around the foam for quicker travel and even build up foam along the map to use as a high ground to easily change the terrain. Foam can even be used as defense against enemy attacks.

Comparisons have been drawn to Nintendo’s party shooter, Splatoon, with similarities in general concept and game mechanics being brought up. Nintendo could have competition on their hands with this new party game. 

Not much information is known yet about Square Enix’s newest IP, but they assure the team is hard at work getting the game ready. More information will be released in the future, but for now we can enjoy the bright neon reveal trailer and get prepared for a foam party.

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