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Is Honkai Star Rail Multiplayer?

Updated: May 2, 2023 4:39 pm
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Honkai Star Rail seems like it’ll be the hottest new Gatcha game around the block once it releases. It’s certain to take up most of the mobile player market, and it’ll attract a decent chunk of PC players as well.

Since it’s so closely related to Genshin Impact, we’ll probably see a large portion of players migrate and try it out. Although, these players are probably seeking an answer to the looming question, will Honkai Star Rail be multiplayer?

Does Honkai: Star Rail Have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Honkai Star Rail does not have Multiplayer, at least not in the traditional sense. Unlike Genshin Impact, you will not be able to invite friends to join you on quests or have any sort of co-op features where two players can play alongside each other simultaneously.

What multiplayer features does Honkai: Star Rail have?

So what do we mean by ‘not in the traditional sense’? Honkai players can still benefit by adding friends. In Honkai Star Rail, you can set one of your available characters as a Support Character alongside the main Primary Character.

Support Characters can be borrowed by members of your friends list, with some limitations, of course. You won’t be able to just snag one of your friend’s characters for the rest of your Honkai Star Rail journey, instead, you can only borrow your friend’s Support Character for any of the Calyxes or Caverns of Corrosion quests.

Honkai Star Rail is a relatively new game, so you might not immediately find like-minded people who love the game as much as you do, and your friend list might be a little dry in the initial days of Honkai’s release.

Fortunately, that’s catered for since you can pick Support Characters from a random list of players. You can keep them for the duration of your Calyx or Caverns of Corrosion runs, and they’ll function just like any other character on your team.

Additionally, you also get a little reward for lending other players your support characters (do you think players would really lend their Himeko’s away for free?). Every time your friend, or anyone else, borrows your Support Character, you receive a certain number of credits.

The number of credits you receive will depend on how much the other player utilizes your character, further incentivizing players to lend out their stronger characters.

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