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Is Honkai Star Rail Open World

Updated: May 2, 2023 4:39 pm
Honkai Star Rail beta

If you’re wondering whether Honkai Star Rail is an open world game, the answer is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no.

While there’s a lot of stuff you can go on to do in the game, it does come with certain limitations which makes many people question whether or not HoYoverse’s latest release will have an open world setting.

To learn more about it, dive into our article as we clear out all the confusion. 

Will Honkai Star Rail Be Open World

Honkai Star Rail is a semi-open world since you can explore the world but with certain limitations. While there are some similarities with Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail also differs significantly in being a turn-based strategy RPG.

Genshin Impact offers players a vast open world to explore and engage in a variety of activities and experiences beyond the main storyline. These activities can range from fishing to puzzle-solving and other exploration quests that allow you to fully explore what the game really offers.

On the other hand, Honkai Star Rail focuses primarily on combat. The game uses a turn-based strategy style that requires players to plan their moves during battles rather than exploring the environment. As a result, the game offers a semi-open world experience. Players can move between different regions and explore various maps, but the emphasis is on combat rather than side activities.

How Different Is Honkai Star Rail’s world From Honkai Impact 3rd’s world

While they’re from the same developer and have pretty similar titles, Honkai Impact 3 and Honkai Impact 3rd are different from each other in both narrative and gameplay mechanics. Honkai Impact 3rd opts for an action-oriented, mission-based approach, while Honkai Star Rail adopts a semi-open world design with turn-based combat.

There are many characters that appear in both games, as well as some light lore connections. So in short it is not necessary to have played Honkai Impact 3rd if you’re looking to enjoy Honkai Star Rail. 

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