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Is Meet Your Maker on Game Pass?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023 12:47 pm
Is Meet Your Maker on Game Pass?

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Plenty of games make their way to Game Pass at some point whether it be for your PC or your Xbox One or Series X/S. Meet Your Make is one of the newest games to be releasing and it offers thrilling maze-like level design for you to navigate and hopefully not perish in. Should you craft your own maze, you can expect other players to navigate it. Should they survive, they will be rewarded. One of the biggest questions players have about Meet Your Maker is will it be coming to Game Pass.

Will Meet Your Maker come to Game Pass?

Meet Your Maker Maze Entrance

Unfortunately, there has been no word about Meet Your Maker coming to Game Pass. As of right now, you can expect to pay full price if you plan on playing the game on either PC or Xbox. On PlayStation, however, the game will be available as one of the monthly PlayStation Plus games. With Meet Your Maker coming out soon, you will be able to download it on your PlayStation on April 4th.

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The developers behind Meet Your Maker shared a trailer that has also appeared on the PlayStation Blog showcases parts of the game as well as the announcement of the game coming to PS Plus. Since the game is free on PlayStation, you can most likely expect it to not come to Game Pass for some time. With that being said, you can still pre-purchase the game as well as purchase the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition comes with additional skins for the player character and their weapon as well as some decor for the mazes you craft. If you are still wondering if you can bring a friend with you to join into the mayhem, rest assured, the developers have given plenty of information about the game’s co-op and multiplayer features.

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