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Yet more ‘sickening’ pay-to-win items spotted in MW2 this time in bundle

Updated: Apr 17, 2023 8:53 am
Yet more ‘sickening’ pay-to-win items spotted in MW2 this time in bundle

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has not been without its share of controversy of late – mostly targeting the Season 3 content. While it brought with a ton of additional modes, maps and operators, it wasn’t long before pay-to-win items were spotted in the DMZ mode.

After scanning through the shop, players uncovered operators came pre-loaded with extra items to take into DMZ. These included killstreaks, Tier-3 armor carriers, and even provide shorter cooldowns for insured weapons.

If these operators were something that you could earn for free through the battle pass for season 3, the outcry wouldn’t be as bad. However, the only way to get these bonuses is to spend some of your cash on new bundles in the store. But it gets worse.

The classic Ghost Bundle has been found to contain even more DMZ items, as originally reported by Charlie Intel. Unsurprisingly the community has been left less than impressed.

One Tweeted: “This will be a top selling bundle too… it’s wrong and shouldn’t be in the game, but Activision knows how to make money.”

On Reddit, it’s a similar story. “Actually depressing, one of the skins I want the most but at the same time think buying “advantage packs” is a bit of a **** show,” said one. Another added: “I’d have rather they resold the original from MW2019 over this uncanny valley recreation, it rubs me the wrong way in every way one can be rubbed wrong. Also the fact its a DMZ P2W pack is sickening.”

There has been no word yet if these items will stick around – as Activision has come under fire massively for including a pay-to-win element in the game. Prior to this, skins and some weapons blueprints were hidden behind a paywall, but now there are items that in theory can give players huge tactical advantages in the DMZ mode.

It’s worth noting that from my experience that even without spending any money, MW2 and Warzone can still be a lot of fun. I’ve spent a grand total of $0 on the game, and while I’m not going to knocking on Faze Clan’s door any time soon, enjoy it as a casual shooter. As with all these things, it comes down to choice. Activision is not forcing anyone to buy anything – and there are plenty of rewards via the Season 3 Battle Pass, that can be earned through organically-earned XP.

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