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Is Ray Tracing coming to Atomic Heart?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023 3:35 pm
is ray tracing coming to atomic heart

Atomic Heart, a title some might call the poster child for Nvidia, will not be supporting ray tracing on PC at launch! From an Nvidia tech demo back to in 2019 to an RTX-branded trailer released just last month, fans and critics a like were sure that ray tracing was a done deal.

Well in a slightly awkward turn of events, ray tracing will not be supported at launch. But will it ever be supported? Read on to find out.

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Atomic Hearts will not support ray tracing at launch

It’s come as quite the surprise to many many, considering the marketing and build up to the game’s initial launch on the 21st of February. Game director Robert Bagratuni had previously told Wccftech that the console versions of Atomic Heart won’t get ray tracing support in time.

This comes just under two months after Atomic Heart showed off 4K RTX gameplay, hyping its graphics as one of its most exciting features. However, PC players eager to see Atomic Heart‘s implementation of ray-traced shadows, reflections, and more will need to wait a bit longer still.

Will Atomic Hearts ever support ray tracing?

There’s hope in Bagratuni’s statement that we’ll potentially see ray tracing implemented in a future update or patch.

Rock Paper Shotgun got in touch with the developers after noticing the lack of ray tracing support; according to game’s press relations team, there’s likely to be ray trace in the future. They apparently had this to say: “the devs will be looking into implementing this post-launch.”

That’s all we have for the moment, be sure to check back in as we’re sure to have updates on the game in its first couple of weeks.

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