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Is Redfall co-op?

Updated: May 2, 2023 4:42 pm
Is Redfall co-op?

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With Redfall set to be released on 2nd May, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Redfall is co-op. Ever since its announcement, the game has generated immense hype in the gaming community, and it’s no wonder why so many players want to try out this game with their friends.

If you are curious whether Redfall is co-op, continue reading, as we will answer all your queries. 

Does Redfall Have Co-op?

Redfall features a co-op system where you can play with three of your friends and explore the story-driven campaign of the game. However, the campaign progress you make will only count towards the host of that lobby, so choose your host wisely. The game even supports crossplay, so you’ll be able to play with your friends regardless of what platform you are using. 

Nonetheless, any upgrades or equipment you unlock while playing with your friends will still be there when you return to complete your own campaign. Needless to say, playing your own campaign will become much easier once you have made progress in a friend’s Redfall storyline. 

Furthermore, each player in the lobby will be able to choose from four different characters in the game(two players can choose the same character), each with their own abilities and personality. If you want, you can choose to jump into the Redfall campaign solo.

However, the developers have not yet confirmed whether the enemies will be scaled down in terms of stats if you play alone. 

Does Redfall have couch co-op?

There are some limitations to the seamless co-op experience of Redfall with the biggest one being there is no couch co-op. Players will not be able to play with their friends on the same system using split-screen multiplayer.

While this is unfortunate, you will still be able to play online with up to three friends and help them progress through their campaign. Since Redfall also has crossplay, you will be able to play with friends across PC and Xbox. Unfortunately, the game isn’t coming to PlayStation. Make sure to check out the game on Game Pass if you have it.

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