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Is Sons of the Forest on VR?

Everything there is to know regarding Sons of the Forest VR

Updated: Mar 10, 2023 10:49 am
sons of the forest infinite log glitch

Sons of the Forest has just been released to early access by developers, and we’re already seeing support for controllers, as well as the game being available to stream on GeForce Now. But what about the terrifying premise of player Sons of the Forest on VR?

As it currently stands, there’s no VR support in Sons of the Forest, so right now, you can’t play the game in VR.

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Can you play Sons of the Forest in VR?

We’ve had a look at the Sons of the Forest Steam page, and unfortunately, there is no mention of Sons of the Forest being playable in VR.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will never be playable in VR, as of course, we know that The Forest was. It could very much be similar to what we recently saw with Gran Turismo 7, which recently received a free patch making the game playable on PSVR 2. Heck, even Hogwarts Legacy is getting the VR treatment with mods.

We could hope to see Sons of the Forest receive a similar patch, especially considering praise The Forest’s VR mode got.

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We’re going to be keeping an eye out for upcoming updates and information regarding Sons of the Forest, so make sure to check back in with us periodically for the latest.

Sons of the Forest VR FAQs

Is Sons of the Forest a VR game?

Sons of the Forest isn’t a VR game, though it’s now in early access and could receive a VR update.

Is VR good for games like Sons of the Forest?

The Forest, the original game, had very good VR compatibility, with VR lending itself well to the survival horror genre – if you’re up for a fright or two.

Is Sons of the Forest on VR? : Final word

So, that’s the latest on Sons of the Forest VR support/compatibility right now. The game still needs time to develop within early access, so it would be surprising to see support for VR coming so quickly after release. We would be delighted to see it of course, but we’ll have to wait for now.

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As soon as any Sons of the Forest VR news is available, we’ll be there to report it, so always stay tuned for more!

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