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Is Stray cross platform & crossplay?

Stray is cross-platform, available on PlayStation & PC

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 2:17 pm
Stray Memories

Stray has already received high praise across the gaming world but is Stray cross platform?

As it stands, Stray is available on PS5, PS4, and PC.

Stray is a single-player game, where you take on the character of a small kitten in a futuristic-cyber world.

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Is Stray cross platform

Yes, Stray is available across PlayStation (PS5/PS4) and PC platforms.

Stray has just come out and as it stands s there have been no announcements about the game coming to other platforms just yet.

Stray is a PS5/ PS4 console exclusive title, however, this exclusivity is time-limited.

Is Stray coming to Xbox?

As mentioned, Stray is a PlayStation exclusive, so, for now, will not be coming to Xbox.

The game is however a “time-limited” exclusive, so we could see it come to Xbox, Nintendo, and other platforms in the future.

Is Stray crossplay?

Stray is a single-player game so there is no need for crossplay between platforms.

It would be great to see some co-op DLC or some form of multiplayer in the future with this game, so who knows what we may be in store for.

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