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Is The Finals crossplay & cross platform?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023 2:54 pm
Is The Finals crossplay & cross platform?

Wanting to know if The Finals has crossplay or cross platform features? Look no further, we’ve got the answer for you. Coming from the same developers as Battlefield, The Finals is anticipated to be one of the largest up-and-coming competitive shooters.

This means plenty of opportunity for FPS fans and competitive players from all devices, be it console or PC to get involved. So does The Finals have crossplay?

At this current point in time, The Finals is still in it’s beta testing phase for PC players only. There’s no news yet whether or not The Finals will be making its way to other platforms.

Is The Finals crossplay?

The Finals is a shooter that comes from former DICE developers. From works like Battlefield to this, fans are expecting big things.

From what we know, this closed beta will not be coming to PS4PS5 or even Xbox. This is the most we know of The Finals’ crossplay functionality at this given time.

However, while not confirmed, it would be both a shame and a surprise if crossplay doesn’t launch alongside The Finals as the feature. Crossplay, especially for a game this highly anticipated, is a must-have for any multiplayer game in 2023.

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Is The Finals cross platform?

Again, we have no way currently of knowing with complete confidence that The Finals will be receiving the cross platform treatment further down the line. At this point in development, the game is not cross platform, and there’s no news to suggest it will be.

However, Embark Studios are well known for their titles such as the classic FPS series, Battlefield.

We simply cannot see a reason why a studio that cut its teeth on PC and console classics such as this, would leave platforms such as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S out of the question at the very least.

That’s all we know at the moment on the query ‘Is The Finals crossplay & cross platform’, but we’ll be sure to bring you latest on any new developments when they arise.

Is The Finals game free-to-play?

Yes, currently in beta, the game is free-to-play. Developers Embark Studios plan on keeping the game free-to-play after the initial release, too.

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