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Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

Want to enjoy Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023 12:03 pm
Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

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Team Ninja seem to have done a fantastic job with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but is it available on Xbox Game Pass? Well, we’re going to find out if Game Pass subscribers can look forward to playing this new Souls-like title which immerses you in a world of Chinese mythology.

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Xbox have advertised that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is optimized for Xbox Series X/S, as it was built using the Xbox Series X/S development kit. You’ll be able to enjoy speedier load times, better visuals, and a higher level of responsiveness. The game features 4K Ultra HD gameplay at 60 FPS.

Let’s see if Wo Long is heading to Xbox Game Pass following it’s release.

Can you get Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass?

According to the official Xbox website, yes, you can get Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass. This means you’ll be able to enjoy this title on day 1 through the Game Pass. This is fantastic news if you’ve been looking forward to this game – no need to wait around for it to arrive later via Xbox Game Pass.

If you were ready for action prior to the game’s release, it’s also possible to preload the game on Xbox Game Pass. Of course, this is no longer relevant once the game is fully released in your region.

wo long fallen dynasty xbox game pass
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as featured on the official Xbox website, available on Xbox Game Pass

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC game pass & different platforms

The PC game pass is available for PC players who want to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty through the Microsoft Store, rather than Steam. Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to both console and PC versions. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty supports Xbox Play Anywhere, which means you can keep progress between Xbox and Windows PC versions.

Although it’s true that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Game Pass, that doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive to it. In fact, the game benefits from being a cross platform title, so many gamers out there can check it out. Here are the platforms Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features on:

  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Windows PC

Obviously you won’t be able to enjoy the use of Xbox Game Pass on the likes of PlayStation, but the title is available for those on different platforms regardless.

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