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Is Yugioh Master Duel Crossplay?

Does Master Duels feature crossplay?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022 10:46 am
Is Yugioh Master Duel Crossplay?

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Yugioh Master Duel has rekindled a forgotten flame for many, while it’s also proven a new and modern method of playing Yugioh. A particular light in the dark amidst the various covid-related rules and some players maybe not feeling comfortable with in-house games yet. Although the alternative might be Duel Links, it might not be what all Yugioh fans want. So when Master Duel was suddenly released, Yugioh fans rejoiced!

Although, we started to bite our nails at the thought of spending the contents of our bank accounts once more on deck-making. Sadly, that’s just a bullet we might need to bite, and thankfully Deck Building isn’t too hard but it does require a pretty penny. However, here’s where you might be asking yourselves something… Master Duel is available on most platforms except for mobile (release pending), so what if you want to play on multiple platforms? Are you going to need to dish out money and focus on one platform or is there cross platform?

Good news!

Yes! Yugioh Master Duel does indeed feature cross platform. Meaning any progress or deck building you do on one platform, you can do on the other.

Konami ID

1 – First, you need to go on the Konami website to set up your ID and account.

2 – Once you have your ID, go back to the game. On the main menu, go to the Submenu.

3 – Click on Customer Support / Data Transfer.

4 – Follow the QR code, or link and follow the instructions there.

5 – Accounts linked!

You’ll need to repeat this on any platform you want to link your account to. Once you’re set, you can now play across all your platforms with the right decks and equipment!

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