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Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom a DLC for Breath of the Wild

Updated: Apr 8, 2023 9:45 am

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is leaving a lot of questions in fans’ heads about what they are really getting. It is already confusing enough to figure out when the story of TOTK is taking place in relation to Breath of the Wild.

Another worrying thought that many fans are having about TOKT is if they are just buying a DLC for Breath of the Wild. let’s go over if Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is truly worth the price tag it has.

Is Zelda TOTK Just A DLC?

While many gamers have been burned in the past by games releasing what should be a DLC as a full game, this isn’t something you need to worry about with Zeldad TOTK.

While we don’t know the full story of TOKT yet, we do know enough to prove this will be a full game rather than just a DLC. While many of the previous mechanics and perhaps world markers will be present between games, there seems to be plenty of new content added as well.

For starters, we already know about some of the new mechanics that are coming to make the game vastly different from Breath of the Wild. The weapon fusing and vehicle crafting mechanics will vastly change both combat and exploration.

We also have a whole new story that seems to be following up on what happens after the defeat of Ganon in Breath of the Wild.

While all of this could be considered DLC, there seem to be enough changes here that it is a whole new game. Enough has been changed that you could be out of the loop if you have not played Breath of the Wild in a while.

Of course, if you still consider a game using the same characters and part of the same map a DLC, then you could consider TOTK to be a big DLC for Breath of the Wild. Until the full game releases we really don’t know about all of the new content and how much of it is ported over from Breath of the Wild.

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