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UPDATED: Jagged Alliance 3 Details

Don't cut yourself on that Jagged Alliance

Updated: Aug 12, 2022 8:16 pm
Jagged Alliance 3 Key Art

Jagged Alliance 3 is the upcoming latest entry in the popular strategy series.

So far, other than some teases from the developers, we don’t know all that much about the game.

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That might change after tonight’s THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase.

We’ve got all the hottest details on the game right here.

When will Jagged Alliance 3 Release?

We had no concrete release details on the game for a while. The most we’d heard is that the game will be coming “soon” to PC from the description of the reveal trailer.

Luckily, the THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase opened up the game’s lid. During the show, devs gave us an extended look at the gameplay, which you can now check out above.

Don’t forget to check back in here later for more details on the release window after the show.

What is Jagged Alliance 3?

Jagged Alliance 3 Screenshot Desert City Map

The Jagged Alliance series is a relatively venerable strategy franchise. The upcoming Jagged Alliance 3 is the first game in the main series since 1999, with the original JA3 never seeing the light of day.

In this upcoming title, you’ll control the resistance forces of the country of Grand Chien. It will be your mission to free the land from the clutches of the violent paramilitary group that has control. In this case, specifically, a paramilitary group that happens to have kidnapped your father, who used to run the country.

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This is something of a tradition for the series, with both mainline games detailing the recovery of a country controlled by a dictator. Hopefully, the story will help to capture some of the game’s original audience.

One new feature will be the ability to play through the campaign with a friend online in co-op mode. There’s also been a graphical upgrade since the last full game release.

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