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Jedi: Survivor How to beat Darth Vader

Updated: Apr 28, 2023 12:27 pm
Jedi: Survivor How to beat Darth Vader

Despite having a tragic run-in with Darth Vader at the end of Fallen Order, this time around we need to beat him. There is no chance to run away and no waiting for help this time around. It is just you and Vader fighting it out until the end. However, it won’t be Cal going up against Vader, you will instead be playing as Cere with only 4 heals and missing many of Cal’s abilities during this fight.

Let’s go over how you can take down Darth Vader in Jedi Survivor.

How To Defeat Darth Vader

You will have to rely on pure skill to defeat Darth Vader as you won’t have access to many of the new combat features in Jedi Survivor. As Master Cere, you only have a single lightsaber and four heal charges for the fight. However you don’t need to fully kill Vader to win, you just need to get him low for him to run away.

The fight is broken up into three different parts with each segment separated by a short cutscene and featuring new moves on Vader’s side. However, you will only have your four heals for the entire fight.

You do have Cere’s Force Shield ability, but it doesn’t seem to affect Vader much and he will normally hit you while you charge it up.

Vader does not have the most complex move set in each segment, as this fight is a big practice to make sure you have basic mechanics like parrying down pat. He does still hit quite hard if you mess up. So keeping a cool head is going to be key during this fight.

Just focus on landing parries to break his guard bar, hit him when he is staggered, and dodge his unblockable attacks.

First Phase

Vader’s basic lightsaber combo will have him swinging three times quite slowly and rhythmically making them easy to block or parry. Do this until you break his guard bar and go in for some attacks of your own. Don’t overstay your welcome, as Vader will immediately start swinging again once he is recovered.

He can also throw in an unblockable grab attack then you will need to dodge at points. He seems to open the fight with this attack to show you what to look out for. Be careful, as this attack hits quite hard and will force you to use a heal if you don’t want to be on one hit of health.

Second Phase

Once you manage to get Vader to the second stage of the fight, you will have to start worrying about him throwing objects at you. This seems to be used mostly when you fall back from Vader to either heal or reset.

So be ready to dodge when you make some space between you and him. Having some of Cal’s new force powers might allow you to throw the attacks back, but sadly you won’t have access to them right now

Third Phase

With the third and final stage of the fight, Vadeer is going to go all out. He gets a new five-strike combo with two of the attacks being unblockable. If he starts this up, you will want to dodge until the unblockable attacks are over and then go in for parries or blocks to break his guard. Vader will also still throw objects at you if you make enough space, so be aware of that.

You don’t need to fully kill Vader to win this fight, but instead, get him to about 10% of his health bar. Once you manage that, the fight will end and you can continue on as Cal. If you are having trouble with the fight, you can bump the difficulty down or turn on the new slow mode to give you a hand.

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