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League of Legends 12.1 patch notes: The ’22 season is officially here

'22 season has officially arrived.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022 3:38 pm
Lol 12.1 patch notes

The ‘22 season of League of Legends has finally arrived. The game is moving on from the changes in pre-season, and Riot is now actively working on making the new season its own. It is worth mentioning the basis on which the LoL 12.1 patch notes is planned balance tuning planned before the Christmas and New Year breaks.

The main points of the LoL 12.1 patch notes feature several balance changes. The most prevalent o the changes though include a Teleport system change. Moreso, there are several other item changes coming. We will go through the most important parts in a TL:DR fashion.

LoL 12.1 Patch Notes

Champion changes

Every patch typically has a large amount o balance changes coming to the game for champions. However, since there were several hotfixes and mini patches for LoL before Christmas, most are already sorted . It leaves a few standout picks, featuring buffs to Diana and Gangplank, while Rek’Sai and Sona face the nerf hammer.

Diana is one of the champions getting a buff this patch. The focus is on her passive, Moonsilver Blade, which sees a 10% AP ratio increase, along with a  50% damage increase from 250% to 300% against monsters.  Get back in the jungle is the message Riot are suggesting after major nerfs when she became meta back in season 11.

Meanwhile, Gangplank’s Q is much better. It is now 5 mana cheaper at every rank, which should help out slightly, along with a 4.5 second CD, rather than 5 seconds.

Moving onto the nerfs, RekSai is the first on the list. Furious Bite is a problem for higher skill brackets. So, Rek’sai’s e is now stronger early levels, while her later levels are weaker Not to mention the burrow tunnel has a higher cooldown than previously for every level except rank 1 E.

Lastly, Sona is getting a nerf since her efficiency with Archangel’s Staff changed in the preseason. To compensate for the growing Sona power, her armor growth is lowered per level, along with adding two seconds to her E, raising it from 12 to a 14 second cooldown.


Teleport is arguably the most significant change in the game. Riot has been at war with teleport for a considerable time, as they are not happy about the impact it has on the game. The lol 12.1 patch note detail that Teleport is now a 360 second CD at all levels, changed from 420-21 second CD as the game progresses. Better early, less valuable later. Moreso, the teleport can only get used on Allied Towers, until 14 mins, when tower platings become disabled. It then transforms into Unleased Teleport, which allows it to teleport to minions, wards, towers, and other intractable mechanics (Zac blobs, Thresh lantern, etc) as it did previously. When it becomes Unleashed, it will then have a 240 second CD, which is slightly weaker than the previous late-game teleport.

The core of the change seems to make it more viable for teleport to be a solo lane return to lane and farm, rather than the satellite wars we got botlane throughout League’s competitive history.  However, when the lanes are no longer that snowbally, courtesy of the tower plating system, that is when the team fights teleport plays can begin. All in all, it balances how teams should approach teleport, rather than it having as much impact as it once did.

Item Changes

There are three items getting a change as we get into the start of the ‘22 ranked season. These three items are Eclipse, Force of Nature, Immortal Shieldbow and Witt’s End.

Eclipse is getting a slight nerf. The mythic became one of the best for assassins after the preseason balance patch of 11.23. So, the Ever Rising Moon cooldown is going up to eight seconds, somewhat reverting its strength.

Force of Nature, on the other hand, is getting a buff, since its counterpart is much better. Now Force of Nature has a seven-second stack absorb duration. Meanwhile, the Dissipate Magic Damage reduction is now 25%, up from 20%. All in all, it is much more appealing.

Like Eclipse, Immortal Shieldbow is by far the most popular pick amongst its class’ mythic items. To counteract it, the Lifeline shield is now much lower, 275-650, from 300-800 infact. Moreso, it has five less damage on the item.

Last on the list is Witt’s End. The item had a bit of an identity crisis in pre-season, so the build for it is changing. Slim-ly put, it offered too much defensive stats will being a DPS item, so the Negatron Cloak build item is gone in favour of a Null Magic Mantle. Meanwhile, the Log Sword is now Pick Axe. More damage; less defense.

Hopefully, this summary of the LoL 12.1 patch notes helps you get back into the swing of things. You can read the full patch content over on the LoL website. Good luck out there.

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