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League of Legends Season 22 live stream reveal new skins, champ road map and more

Here is a quick summary of everything from the League of Legends Season 22 livestream

Updated: Jan 7, 2022 4:38 pm
League of Legends Season 22 Livestream

Riot Games has concluded the 2022 edition of the League of Legends Season 12 dev stream. The broadcast features all you need to know on the New League of Legends Season 12, along with all the content you can expect for the remainder of the ’22 season.

League of Legends Season 22 live stream notes

The key details on the League of Legends season 22 live stream featured major changes to account progression, skin lines VGUs, community voting and the champion roadmap. We’ll dedicate a section to each of these themes.

LoL Champion Roadmap 2022 season

Champions are one of the most anticipated bits of content all year. However, there is a bit of a backlog of champs after the Season 21 promises. Instead of aiming to do a champion for every lan every year, they will instead focus on making sure champions launch when they are ready. Take Viego, for example. That champion was bugged for several months, featuring many game-breaking bugs.

Instead, Riot will release champs when they are ready. In terms of the new League of Legends champion roadmap, you will find that Zeri is the next champion. Riot teased more of her kit, without going too into detail on the specifics just yet. All we know is she is very mobile, her Q is an AA, and her AA is a spell. Very interesting. All that information came later.

After that, we are getting a new enchanter champion, which is more evil and void themed than gleeful enchanters. Sometime after that, we will get an invasive jungler, with the phraseology mentioning swarms and some form of horror. Then, we got an image teaser of a non-traditional AD for the bot lane, which will operate along similar lines to Senna.

League of Legends Mythic Shop

The League of Legends crafting is getting a new system attached to it. Aka the Mythic Shop. It is like the LTM stores, which offer a better store interface for the mythic and prestigious skins that players work towards. There will be a new currency called the Mythic essence to set that up. Mythic essence will replace the Gemstones feature, and will be the way you get your hands on unvaulted prestigious skins. Also, the Hextech skins are rather lacklustre, so there will be a new limited Ashen skin line to spend your new mythic currency on too.

Players who got the prestigious skins in the past will be awarded a new exclusive version, signifying your legacy over the original achievement. Moreso, the grind for prestige skins are more awarded, with new special effects coming to those skins.

League of Legends Challenges

Challenges are a new feature of account personalization that players can add to their accounts on loading screens and lobbies. These new League of Legends challenges are ways to get more playstyle expression, involving themes such as:

  • Vetarancy – dodging skill shots, time played, and more
  • Expertise – mechanical and technical skills, stealing buffs, stacking Mejais to 20.
  • Collection – unlocking skins, icons, Eternals, and other challenges
  • Imagination – Hitting snowballs in ARAM, surviving with one health, fountain dive kills.

Each of these League of Legends challenges has a rank that you can grind d through. If you’re the best skill shot dodger in the game, now you can grind to grandmaster or master for that challenge. How about becoming grandmaster in EUW for fountain diving? All in all, more fun challenges to take part in and new ways to enjoy the game.

Also, new changes are coming to ranked banner personalization. You can wield whatever your favourite ranked banner is, presuming you have unlocked it already.

League of Legends 22 skins

LoL Porcelain Protector skins 12.2 PBE
Image via Riot Games.

Riot is always finding new ways to get skin lines back into League. The League of Legends Season 22 live stream revealed that the following skin lines are coming back this year:

  • Firecracker
  • Porcelain
  • Highnoon
  • Battle Bunny
  • Star Guardians
  • Bee
  • Monsterjammers

A new skin line vote is coming, which offers players the chance to vote on what skin line should return, featuring Infernal, Gothic, and Archlight.

League of Legends VGUS 22

Riot Games announced that Ahri is the next champion to get an impressive VGU later this year. The VGU will modernize her animations and skins, somewhat similar to Caitlyn. We don[‘t actually know what her skins, animations and other cosmetics will look like yet, but it should be greatly improved, such as having back animations.

Also, it’s time to vote for another VGU. This year’s voting will be for VGU’s on the following champs: 

  • Shyvana
  • Nocturne 
  • Skarner 
  • Tryndamere
  • Kog’Maw 

Lastly, Riot Games are still working on the Udyr rework and will post a dev blog separately sometime soon.

This is a quick summary of what you can expect from the League of Legends Season 22 live stream. If you want to see the full thing, you can catch it over here on YouTube.

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