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Renata’s League of Legends abilities forces enemies to fight themselves

Here are Reneta's League of Legends abilities.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022 10:03 am
Renata’s League of Legends abilities forces enemies to fight themselves

Riot Games has revealed its second champion of season 2022, and we are only one full month into the year. This time around, we have a brand new support character, which uses chemtank technology to bolster her allies and distorts her enemies. With no further ado, meet all of Renata’s League of Legends abilities.

Renata League of Legends Abilities

For those wondering, Renata is the latest support character to join the bot lane. Her role is an offence-based enchanter, which provides no healing, and is rather edgy. Her skills are a mixture of steroid injection, decaying revives, and an ult that makes the enemy team fight themselves. It is certainly a kit.

  • Renata passive: Leverage – She marks enemies with her basic attack, which deals with bonus damage. An attack from her ally detonates the mark, which then procs even more damage.
  • Q: Handshake – Sends out a missile that roots the first enemy hit. She can then fling the target in a direction. Champions that are flung after the root are stunned for a short time.
  • W: Bailout – Grant an ally (or herself) bonus attack and movement speed. If an ally gets a takedown, then it resets its duration. However, if an ally dies with this ability’s duration on them, they will instead gain decaying health over 3 seconds. Killing an enemy champion stops the burn and therefore death.
  • E: Loyalty Program – Renata sends out rockets that shield her allies and damage and slow enemies. These effects apply as the skill fires and hits allies or when the skill detonates at the end of its range – think lux W without the boomerang effect.
  • R: Hostile Takeover – Sends out a wave of chemicals that cause enemies to go berserk. Berserk enemies gain increased attack speed and can attack their allies, followed by neutral enemies, then Reneta’s team, and then Reneta herself.

This kit is well and truly one of a king. These Renata League of Legends abilities seem incredibly fun, and the potential for that ult is actually incredible. It’s an ability that rewards players for feeding, as you can use the ult, hit the fed enemy, and watch as they take their team out instead.

For those wanting a snippet, you can see some of the skills in action via this Twitter thread.

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