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TFT Dragonlands reveal 10 cost Dragons, sets, and rewards

Here is a look at what to expect from the TFT Dragonlands set arriving June 8.

Updated: May 10, 2022 6:19 pm
TFT Dragonlands

Riot Games has revealed a major content dump for TeamFight Tactics set 7. The new is the TFT Dragonlands, featuring a whole new set of thematics, Dragon units and more. Here is everything we know on the TFT Dragonlands set 7.

TFT Dragonlands Set 7: What we know so far

The New TFT Dragonlands set features a new array of champions, origins and themes to build compositions around. The biggest feature of the new TFT set is the addition of dragon units, these are 10 cost units that are gold quality. They work similarly to Colossal units in set 6.5, as they take 2 slots from your team. However, they have incredible bonuses and double the effects of their origin bonuses. Some of them are champions we know and love like Aurelion Sol, while they have made their own units up, such as Ao Shin.

In addition, TFT Dragonlands has a new treasure round – The Treasure Dragon. This is a bonus round that appears after the Raptors and awards players with some incredibly strong rewards. It can give plenty of components, really strong completed items or a lot of gold to help you get your dragon. However, you can pay one gold and get a new set of items from the event. You take one or are forced to take the rerolled set.

Aas for the units themselves, there appear to be new origins, classes and third slot bonuses Here are some of the origins we spotted: 

  • Jade
  • Astral
  • Guild
  • Tempest
  • Whispers

As for the class themes, we have:

  • Shapeshifter
  • Swiftshot
  • Cavalier
  • Dragon
  • Mage
  • Blademaster
  • Revel
  • Brawler

Both the classes and origins bonuses are only what we spotted from a brief snapshot, and we are still unsure what to expect from their traits. There will no doubt be more comp origins and classes, along with a look at their traits later on.

Dragonland Augments

Augments are the new passive improvements you can get throughout the game. The feature is returning in set 7 and reworked timings and offerings. Some perks work the same, but some of them provide bonuses regardless of comps. We are getting dragon-themed ones and other augments to help with the new origins and class combos. Although, we are not too sure what exactly they all are. 

However, we know that Tiamat is one, which allows Blademaster’s additional strikes to deal 33% of their damage in a 1-hex area around the target- gain Yone. Then there Revel Crest, which gives you a Revel and a Jinx and Eternal Protection, allowing champions that die a second chance as Jade statues die instead. Likely get jade statues from the jade origin bonus; you also gain an Ashe.

Such new TFT Dragonlands augments include Bloodlust, which adds two extra damage per kill that character gets. And there’s Think Fast, which gives you shop refreshes until the end of the round. Perhaps it will allow you to cycle through and two-star your dragon? It is also perfect for those who need to reroll to get that three-star unit, or to get that much-needed champion for your comp.

Dragonland Rewards

There will be some all-new Dragonland rewards in set 7. However, you will get this as random rewards from eggs, rather than being locked behind bundles. The new set brings with it an all-new mythic quality arena, including intro ceremonies and dynamic arena effects. There is also going to be a tier-three Dragonland arena available.

Also, Riot Games is adding the third Chibi, with this one being Yasuo. This turns your tactician into a chibi Yasuo.

Lastly, there will be a new feature called Treasure Troves, which gives players a chance to get vaulted content. It’s like the new shop feature that allows players to get vaulted prestige skins in LoL.

Dragonland Release Date

The recent TFT Dragonland dev blog reaffirmed the known TfT Dragonland set release date. We can expect it for 12.11, which arrives on June 8, according to Riot’s patch schedule. Here you will be able to get your hands on the all-new Draglonlands content for TFT, and begin working out what those meta deck comps are.

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