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Learn DnD Basic Rules by playing Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 might be the perfect DnD teacher you've been missing!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022 5:40 pm
DnD Basic Rules

As the world of Dungeons and Dragons grows more and more popular, so does the influx of new players. However, one of the most intimidating thing for new players are the very complex DnD basic rules. New players are either expected to be sat down and walked through the tedious and sometimes frightening amount of esoteric rules that the tabletop role-playing game expects players to remember. Or – the less fortunate – are encouraged to pick up the Player’s Handbook, a 293-page long book that’ll guide you along every nook and cranny of the DnD basic rules.

For a variety of reasons, reading through the book might not work for some. Whether it’s a matter of some players not absorbing knowledge that way, or not having the time or patience to sit down and read through it all; going through and learning all of the rules to DnD can be nearly impossible for beginners.

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DnD Basic Rules

Some of the simplest things for veterans might also be quite complex and overwhelming looking to newcomers. To new players, the different kinds of dice, the six different stats, and the various types of classes might just be gibberish. Then, the deeper players get into to the ruleset, they’ll start to learn action actions, bonus actions, spells, cantrips, and so on… All of which will sometimes stump even the hardiest veterans.

Newcomers, especially those who see others play DnD, are quickly dissuaded and eventually turn their backs on any prospects of playing. Because the sad reality is, if you don’t have someone else teaching you, you might have no hope in learning by yourself.

The Perfect Teacher: Baldur’s Gate 3

That’s where Baldur’s Gate 3 comes in to save the day and all your hopes of learning DnD. This new game – although still in Early Access – is both the perfect game to play for the story and to learn the DnD basic rules. Players can create their own characters, create their perfect player character. You can choose between a number of races, all of which are common to DnD. You can choose your class and allocate numbers to your stats. The game shows you which stats are important to which class, and it takes your hand and guides you along. Furthermore, if you are a veteran, making your character is as easy as rolling them up.

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Once you finish creating your character, you’re thrown into the Forgotten Realms, the world of D&D. And as you start to take your first steps, the game guides you along. You can interact with the world, you’re prompted to roll your own digital dice. There you can see what bonuses you get, you can see what ‘advantage’ and ‘disadvantage’ mean, you can see what ‘proficiency’ in a skill means.

Although players can play multiplayer, there’s also the option to play solo. In which case, you get to play alongside NPC, some of which act as ‘companions’. You can talk to them, interact, attack, or even romance them. Each of them has their own stories that encourage you to interact and either befriend them or rival them.

The Choices Matter

One of the key features of D&D is the importance of player choices. A good DM will rarely railroad their players and will allow their players to collaborate in the storytelling. As such, the choices players make will impact the overarching story.

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This is equally important and relevant in Baldur’s Gate 3, and all throughout the story are the chances to play however you want. If you want to do the evil playthrough where you slaughter a camp of refugees, nothing is stopping you. You can play the hero and in-game NPCs will react to you like one. The world’s story unfurls around you and lets you feel like the main character.

If you’re thinking of learning DnD and have wanted to for a while, then consider getting Baldur’s Gate 3. As well as being a great teacher, it’s a great game with a fantastic story and gameplay.

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