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Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide: Mokokos, Quests & Island Token

We take a look at the Lost Ark Alteisen Island, guiding you through the Mokoko Seeds, quest chain and island token.

Updated: Mar 16, 2022 11:51 am
Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide

Lost Ark has plenty of Islands in the game that grants you extra ways to get gear and resources. One of those island players are going to want to visit is the Alteisen Island, offering plenty of sideways and vertical progression opportunities. In this article, we will guide you through the Lost Ark Alteisen island, guiding you to its hidden Mokokos, along with the Island Token, amongst other content.

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide

This island is filled with some goodies for those looking for extra content. You can do a purple quest on the island that helps you with choosing uncommon quality battle engravings for your sideways progressions. Meanwhile, there are four Mokoko seeds on the Alteisen island that you can get.

Lost Ark Altesian Mokoko locations
X is the entrance to the secret room on the island

Lost Ark Alteisen Mokoko Seed Locations

There are four Mokoko Seeds you can get on Alteisen island. Two of them are located on the outside of the island, while there are two in one of those off-map secret buildings found in the top left of the island.

There is one in the far left corner of the island, tucked away by a metal shed. Then, there is another on the south wall of the island that is in the wider area where Sol Grande spawns. You can find the second one hidden in front of five metal cubes on the cliff edge, with the metal fence panels and a pipe coming out of the largest run down cube.

The other two is in the top left corner of the map. They are both inside a hidden house, which you can walk through if you walk towards what appears to be an insert heading away from the main mass of the island. 

Lost Ark Hidden Room Alteisen Island
There are two Mokokos in this secret room.

Alteisen Island Token

If you’re coming for the Alteisen Island Token, then you’re going to need to wait for the Sol Grande Spawn. Sol Grande is a world boss that spawns every now and then on the Procyon Compass. Head into the calendar, check today’s date and click the FIeld Boss tab and see its spawn times for the day. Alternatively, if you’re on the island, then you can see a countdown of the Sol Grande spawn in real-time.

When the Sol Grande boss has spawned, you can head read up on our Sol Grande Worlld Boss guide here, offering tactics and tips into the fight so you can beat it safe and sound. Keep in mind you will likely need to fight this boss several times before the island token drops from the boss, as it has a fairly low chance.

Alteisen Quest Chain

Lost Ark Alteisen Island Quest Chain
A tale of two robots.

You can get nice rewards from this island for those looking for extra progression opportunities. A quest chain involves a robot at the start of the island, which you need to repair. Accept the quest, get some screws from the scrap iron piles and then hand in the quest. When you repair the robot, you’ll escort the NPC to some more Scrap Iron Nodes three times when the robot is repaired. You will then head over to another robot that you need to repair. Completing this quest chain grants you seven uncommon engraving books. 

After that part of the quest, you need to head to Arthertine’s main city and speak to an engineer. He will snd you on a few more quests that will help to build a translator for the two robots on the island. When it is done you can return to the island and get some extra goodies. like a +5 stat potion and some sea coins.

This concludes this Lost Ark Alteisen Island Guide. If you enjoyed this guide, why not check out WePC’s Lost Ark hub, filled with guides for the game?

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